v0.8 final

v0.8 Final has been released.

New features:-

  • When providers bouquet is downloaded (-b or -bd option) now uses full service references instead of just the epg relevant part in case it’s used for picon naming
  • Better multi provider handler e.g. if there is an issue with one provider it won’t stop the script processing others
  • If vod categories are out of order in the playlist, group together
  • Fix file naming issues with non alphanumeric characters
  • Much faster when using an override file 🙂
  • Don’t retry failed picon downloads
  • Option to add placeholder channel in override file to control channel numbering
  • Allow channels to be moved between categories use categoryOverride in the override file
  • All custom categories use customCategory=”true” in the override file
  • Add provider managed update support to script same functionality as shown here
  • [plugin] Improved performance
  • [plugin] New ‘Attempt Epg Import’ option. If enabled this will attempt to automatically import the epg after an update, so no need to configure or start an import in Epg Importer. This setting is in ‘configure’ and will default to ‘disabled’ on existing installs

Custom Channel ordering changes

Placeholder services
These will allow you to  have more control over channel numbering. In the override file add a placeholder as follows:-

<channel name="placeholder" category="e.g. Sports" />

Move channels between categories
The channels now have a new attribute categoryOverride which can be used to move a channel to a different category


<channel name="BBC ONE" … category="ENTERTAINMENT" categoryOverride="SULS ENTERTAINMENT" … />

Custom categories
You can now have you own custom categories by creating a new category and setting customCategory to true


<category name="SULS ENTERTAINMENT" … customCategory="true"/>

See the Custom Mapping page for full detail.

Update: v0.8.1 that fixes a bug in the plugin has been released

Latest releases here

53 thoughts on “e2m3u2bouquet v0.8 final / v0.8.1

  1. How do you remove e2m3u2bouq from the beginning of every categorys in bouquets list using v8 was using v0.6 was ok before thanks

  2. Beta6 seems broken for me. I have 2 providers, both with override files. The first provider seems to update ok but as far as I can tell, its only using the override file the first time after i reset bouquets, if i run create bouquets twice, the second time never shows any messages about it parsing custom channel order (they do still stay in the right order so maybe this is by design for efficiency, perhaps it knows it doesnt need to do it? but i think the old version always showed a message saying it was applying the custom channel order, every time I ran it. The bigger problem is my second provider being completely ignored, it doesnt even attempt to download or parse it and i end up with zero bouquets for it. I dont think this happened with b5 and it definitely didnt happen with b4 (I don’t have them to test). If I look at the log it does seem to indicate starting backend script and finishing back end script for the second provider but when i run create bouquets, the status text that comes up when it runs never shows anything to do with the other provider and no bouquets are made.

    1. ok, ignore the bit about my second provider, looks like they are screwing around with my account, i cant download the m3u at all at the moment!

      1. Just thinking about that, it may be an idea to have something come up in the status window and the log to show that it was unable to download the m3u for a particular provider as I was sitting here with no clue what was happening.

    2. If the order is correct after running a second time then it indicates the override is applied as this happens on every run.

      The old plugin version didn’t display any progress status when it was running – there was just a popup saying it may time some time. The new plugin will update the status every couple of seconds, if your box is fast enough you may not see some messages.

      Good point about no message if a provider fails. Previously if one provider failed it would stop processing any other providers and a message put in the log. We’ll look to improve error reporting in the next version

      1. Ok thanks. I wonder if it might be better to have the progress status just show all the messages rather than removing them as it runs through, so they can be seen as it happens and you know exactly what its done (including any error messages that may be displayed in future), at the moment you see the odd status message flash up on the screen and then its gone but there is so much empty space there it could just keep all the messages. As most people are going to have it set to run on a schedule, the only reason someone would see that screen at all is if they were running it manually (maybe because something isn’t working or they are trying to solve something), so I think it would be great to be able to see the whole log as it happens.

        Still the best plugin on enigma2 though, I wouldn’t still have my e2 boxes otherwise, iptv would be too much hassle on them without it.

        1. The status messages were a last minute addition to v0.8 (previously there was no status report) so they should improve in future versions

  3. Just installed 0.8 release from ipl and it crashes when trying to install provider. (OpenViX latest)
    [ActionMap] Keymap ‘SetupActions’ -> Unknown action ‘save’! (Typo in keymap?)
    [ActionMap] Keymap ‘SetupActions’ -> Unknown action ‘save’! (Typo in keymap?)
    [eInputDeviceInit] 0 18f 1
    [InfoBarGenerics] KEY: 399 GREEN
    [ActionMap] Keymap ‘ColorActions’ -> Action = ‘green’
    [e2m3u2b] Done configuring
    [e2m3u2b] AutoStartTimer -> update
    [e2m3u2b] AutoStartTimer -> get_wake_time
    [e2m3u2b] next wake up time Thu Jan 1 00:59:59 1970 (now=Mon Dec 10 14:20:35 2018)
    [eInputDeviceInit] 1 6c 1
    [InfoBarGenerics] KEY: 108 DOWN
    [eInputDeviceInit] 0 6c 1
    [InfoBarGenerics] KEY: 108 DOWN
    [eInputDeviceInit] 1 160 1
    [InfoBarGenerics] KEY: 352 OK
    [ActionMap] Keymap ‘SetupActions’ -> Action = ‘ok’
    [Skin] processing screen AutoBouquetsMaker_HideSections:
    [GUISkin] warning, skin is missing element pleasewait in
    [GUISkin] warning, skin is missing element no_providers in
    [Skin] processing screen SimpleSummary:
    [eInputDeviceInit] 0 160 1
    [InfoBarGenerics] KEY: 352 OK
    [eInputDeviceInit] 1 18f 1
    [InfoBarGenerics] KEY: 399 GREEN
    [ActionMap] Keymap ‘SetupActions’ -> Unknown action ‘save’! (Typo in keymap?)
    [eInputDeviceInit] 0 18f 1
    [InfoBarGenerics] KEY: 399 GREEN
    [ActionMap] Keymap ‘ColorActions’ -> Action = ‘green’
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/ActionMap.py”, line 51, in action
    File “/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/E2m3u2bouquet/providers.py”, line 108, in key_add
    TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)
    [ePyObject] (CallObject(<bound method ActionMap.action of >,(‘ColorActions’, ‘green’)) failed)

    1. Stormtrouper1

      I get this exact message too. Installed all fine, I just cannot add a provider as the above message appears and the box (VU Solo SE) restarts every time. I have tried to Factory Reset and Flashed the box.

    2. Thanks. I know what the issue is and will get it resolved.

      If the meantime if you create a config.xml file and upload it to /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet it should work.

      You can see an example config at https://github.com/su1s/e2m3u2bouquet/blob/master/generator_config.xml

      Edit: Should be resolved in v0.8.1

  4. Installed on several Zgm H2s,2s,i55 and VU Solo se all without problem, works a treat sorting bouquets and epg from boot, Thanks guys another great piece of work

  5. Regarding my issue here https://www.suls.co.uk/epgimporter/#comment-1084 live is not mixed up between VOD but the new live categories are now under VOD. So UK Entertainment, sports etc then all VOD cats under that I follow plus a few other USA categories.

    1. It was only the issue where VOD was mixed up with live tv categories that was resolved. The VOD categories will still start where the first VOD service starts in the playlist

  6. Having a couple of problems with 0.8/0.8.1. First one is happening on both my duo2 and zero4k boxes. I have set it to run once a day, I have noticed since some time during 0.8 onwards that when it runs, it has taken the box out of standby (not deep standby just normal) and it leaves it there. So I come back and the box has been on for several hours since the overnight update. It has been doing this on both boxes, I don’t think it happened in 0.7.7. It doesn’t seem to happen every single day though which is odd, sometimes the box remains off and is fine.

    The second issue is sometimes when I come back after its auto update and find a lot of the channel categories are just called . If I then run the update again manually, it works fine, and it has always worked fine when I run it manually so it seems to be something to do with the auto update. I think it is also related to the issue above because I just noticed that when I come back and find the box has turned itself on, this is also the occasions when I find a lot of the categories are showing .

    I do have it set to update the EPG as well, but I don’t think it is related to that as far as I can remember as I think I was seeing this issue before I turned that on.

    1. it seems to have cut off a bit of what I was saying when it posted it. The second issue (which actually also affects both boxes, both running latest openvix) is that a lot of the categories (not all of them) end up called

      1. ok last try. it keeps cutting it off, they are being called (without the spaces) “”

  7. Guys any idea why a tiny url epg will work on 7.7 but will not work on 8.1

    1. Are the urls the same? Or does one start http:// & the other https://?

      What does the Epg Import log say?

  8. You were correct removed the ‘s’ and it worked have since found another that works with the ‘s’ Thanks for replying and pointing me in the right direction

  9. Hi Doug, I have notice a small problem with the populating of the VOD’s. When the “streamtypevod” is set to 5001 the VOD’s do not populate and the listings display as “n/a”. When the “streamtypevod” is set to 4097 all is good. I have not tried 5002.

    1. Try installing service app from systemplugins and set player to serviceapp

    2. Any reason that you’re trying to use 5001 (gstreamer) instead of 5002 (exteplayer3)?

      As well as making sure that the serviceapp plugin is installed you’ll also need to confirm that gstplayer (5001) is installed. The serviceapp plugin should tell you if it’s installed or not.

      1. my iptv is ok but my epg just says programme unavailable on all channals after updating to 0.8.1 Is there i can do???

        1. What does it say in the Epg Importer log (‘Menu’ within the Epg Importer plugin)?

          Also make sure that the Epg Import option ‘Load EPG only services in bouquets’ is still at the default of ‘no’

          1. epg importer log unknown channal:bt sport 2hd like that for all of them is there anyting i can do here its finding all events but its still not right

            1. If you’re getting that message for all channels it means that ids in the epg feed don’t match the m3u file. Is it the suppliers epg feed that you are using?

  10. Hi When i was uisng 0.7.6 my IPTV channels was organised in bouquets like sports, movies etc. Now that i have updated to 0.8.2 i can only see 1 bouquet called “VOD-IPTV” and all the channels are in there. The only change i made was to the xml file as my provider game me a new m3u URL to use. Why can i not see all the bouquets that i was able to on 0.7.6 such as “IPTV-sports” “IPTV-Movies” etc. Thanks

  11. My log is now saying “starting backend script” if i try to “Create bouquets!” its says “update still in progress” it have been like this for 10 mins. Is there a problem or can this take some time? thanks

  12. Thomas Josefsson

    When splittring VOD to different bouquetes. I get VOD – Germany, VOD – Albania, VOD – Adults etc etc…
    Is it possible to remove all this just to show My country?
    Like I am able to do with the ”override.xml” default country channels in with the ”enable=true/false” option!?

    Great Plug-in anyway!! Without this I would not use IP-TV on my vu+ box!

    1. I’ll see if I can remove the ‘VOD – ‘ prefix in the next release.

      1. Thomas Josefsson

        I think you missunderand me… what I meant is that I want to completely remove all VOD bouquetes from all other countrys except my own.

        I cant find the VOD bouquetes in the current.xml file. It would have been great if those where included so I could change what VOD bouquetes is showing with a ”enable=true/false” command like all other channels.

        1. It’s something that’s on our roadmap so may be included in a future version.

  13. Good morning,
    I want to comlimentarmi for this wonderful plugin, I only found a problem with the epg, I entered the url but the discharge only partially and gives me the epg only in the channels in the clear

  14. Hi guys good to see a generator released.

    OpenATV 6.3 beta has changed wget and has certificate issues.

    To get around this to download config.xml you need to use -no-check-certificate

    wget -O /tmp/config.xml –no-check-certificate install “https:// raw.githubusercontent.com/su1s/e2m3u2bouquet/master/generator_config.xml”

    Sadly I haven’t been able to get around the opkg install line as that gives certificate issues and it complains when I try adding –no-check-certificate to opkg install. Maybe wget ipk to tmp with –no-check-certificate and then install ipk from tmp.

    1. Thanks. I’ll have a look for the next release

  15. Guys, great script, I love it and appreciate all the hard work you put into it..
    I recently bought a second sub as a backup as vaderz was acting up. unfortunately, the script wont work with Apollo IPTV?
    I have tried every thing in the configs but I cant seem to get it to download.
    Instead of using username, they use email, i think this might be causing the problem, e.g.

    Any advice would be appreciated..

  16. Update on above, All the Channel lists download but when i select a channel that iis confirmed to be working on the webplayer, I get this error:
    No data on transponder! (Timeout reading PAT)
    I remember getting that error on with DBV-S Transport Streams if a channel had changed frequency or to another transponder, I cant understand why I would get it in this case with IPTV.. Thanks Guys..

    1. You could try setting the all ‘All IPTV type’ option to enabled

  17. @DougMac
    Thanks for the suggestion, I tried that and at least the “No data on transponder! (Timeout reading PAT)” error has gone, but still black screen on stream channel that works on the web player..

    I have pasted my configs here:

    I think the email instead of username is causing a problem..
    Link to the site in questions suggested configs at the bottom of the paste.

    Thanks again for your time m8

  18. @DougMac, Scratch that last comment, sorted.. I just had to change:


    Thanks for your time & work on this great little plugin.. I think IPTV over e2 bouquets is the best possible experience of IPTV and as close as possible to the traditional TV feel.
    Have you got a donations page? I would like to make some kind of contribution to show my appreciation for this project.

  19. thanks friend I solved the problem of the epg, now he downloads them all.
    another information. since I use another plugin for vods, is there a way to disable them?
    can I remove the porn channels?

    1. VOD you can stop by changing enabled to false in /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/yourproviderhere-sort-current.xml
      save it as yourproviderhere-sort-override.xml and change this line to false

      your porn if its channels you can disable the category the same way if it was
      change the enabled to false

      If its individual channels they can be removed the same way

      More information here: https://www.suls.co.uk/enigma2-iptv-bouquets-with-epg/e2m3u2bouquet-custom-mapping/

  20. I was interested in the same problem, that is to exclude bouquets and I also know this method of which, you kindly gave explanations, but I wondered: if the provider adds bouquets and the plug in the ovverride law, theoretically at that point not you should add more folders, or I am wrong? .. so I wanted to ask if this option would be possible to put it in the file config.xml ?? .. would she at that point to write in the file or not?

    1. I think the last paragraph ‘Provider Updates’ on https://www.suls.co.uk/enigma2-iptv-bouquets-with-epg/e2m3u2bouquet-custom-mapping/ answers your question?

  21. Thank you for your answer, even if I would prefer that this data could filter directly from the file config.xml to avoid editing the file in question … and if i can i would ask you another question: since I’m fixed with the telnet commands to avoid using the remote control and for study purposes, I wondered if there is a way to launch the plug in directly from the command line. I send:
    bashpython ‘/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/E2m3u2bouquet/e2m3u2bouquet.pyo’…and this performs the parsing of the server inserted in config.xml, so it takes the data from the file to perform the parsing but not the performs as you do from the remote control and at the end invites me to manually download the EPG with the help of EpgImporter, but I ask you, actually launching the plug in the remote control at the end imports the EPG, so I wanted to ask, how to run all that normally does the plug in and then download the EPGs and set in config.xml also download the picons?

  22. Fred Van Lelieveld

    I installed the latest version of you ipk to my VU uno 4kse running openpli 6.2 Looks good but….
    When i open the IPTV converter and fill in all details and then go to create bouquets it says downloading channels… and finishes after 2 minites…
    No bouquets are created though… already changed the py to 777 to no avail…
    Log shows nothing at all? debug makes no difference… Can you help please?

  23. can i edit the providers?

  24. My provider has changed link from:


    Can e2m3u2bouquet handle link in this format & https or do I have to convert this link in some way?


  25. Hi I get only this from two different providers : “No extended playlist info found. Check m3u url should be ‘type=m3u_plus’
    I get m3u like this from my provider

    #EXTINF:0, tvg-id=”channel.ch” tvg-logo=”Logo N/A” tvg-name=”channel name” group-title=”group1″,channel name

    This is wrong m3u format ?

    Thanks and Greetings

  26. Hi, im using your software to import my current iptv list into enigma2, using a zgemma box. Question: i have in my home country another zgemma box which broadcasts my channels over the internet to UK; now what i would like to do is to import my home country m3u list into the UK zgemma box; your software throws an error when processing. Obviously it requires the extented m3u link which a zgemma box cannot provide. Is this something of an interest for you ? Many thanks.

  27. Hi,

    is this plugin maybe possible convert it for dreamOS like dream900 etc. all 4k dreambox?

    Thank You!

  28. Would it be possible to add a time shift so the epg is corrected to the correct time zone?

  29. I have multivod enabled so I get the various VOD bouquets which is great but is there a simple way to list the channels in each of the VOD bouquets into alphabetical order?

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