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v0.8 final has been released. See here


21 thoughts on “e2m3u2bouquet v0.8 beta

  1. I have just done a software update on my vuuno4k and it updated to this version.

    I now get manual_update_callback error: No extended playlist info found. Check m3u url should be ‘type=m3u_plus’ although it is.

    I uninstall then reinstall 0.7.7 ipk and it runs fine.

    Do you need to use a new config.xml for this version rather than version installed? Just that doing software update now installs latest version so users won’t know. Thanks.

    1. It will use the same config.

      Do you get the same if you run the script version (available from https://github.com/su1s/e2m3u2bouquet/releases/tag/v0.8) or the latest plugin version (https://github.com/su1s/e2m3u2bouquet/releases/download/v0.8/enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.8-b2_all.ipk)?

      1. I’ve tried manually installing 0.8-b2_all.ipk and get the same error.

        Same again but works fine on 0.7.7 ipk.

        I haven’t tried the script version though.

        1. Thanks for testing. Nothing has changed in main m3u parsing so it’s an odd one.

          Someone else (who has multiple providers) has the same/similar issue but with just one provider. I’ll see if I can sign up to that provider and work out what’s going on

        2. Ok, I see what the issue is. The provider uses Cloudflare and due to the way the newer plugin version calls the processing script it’s not setting the user agent.

          Will be simple to fix.

            1. Sorry I’ve just got round to trying this and it seems to work fine.7

  2. Can you guys when doing beta versions of the plugin use a beta branch rather than master branch as the plugin automatically updates on feeds. Thanks

    1. It was in a different branch and seemed to working so was merged over to master. Looks like this was a bit early πŸ™

  3. Hi Doug, so I have created a customCategory set to true and moved a number of channels into this. What I would like to do in hide the old categorys but when I set enabled=”false” the channels are removed from the new customCategory. Is this not possible or am I missing something? Amazing work by the way.

    1. I’ll need to test that here and see if I can get it working.

      Edit: This will be fixed before the final release

  4. Just Installed today on vu+Duo2 wooshbuild infinity, I removed stock version then used the .ipk. I was having issues with certain sources not being added to epg import All Good with this 1 So far. Cheers Doug

  5. diffuseandrews

    I notice that

    PROVIDERS = {}

    is no longer in the e2m3u2bouquet.py file. Is this going to be re-implemented or has using the providers.enc file method changed?

    1. The config file based setup replaced that method almost a year ago. So this is just removing redundant code

  6. Hello i have a question.
    I have a dreambox 800SE, and with IPTV, the file is .ts and not m3u8.
    I want dutch subtitles for the VOD Movies, can i get those subtitles with your e2m3u2bouquet ?

    1. Hi, that’s not something I’ve ever looked at.

  7. Any way have a setting in the override file for bouquet numbering start positions, i know bouquets go up in 100’s and that mostly fine but to refine it more if we could set them that would be great, especially with the extra placeholder numbering now, see below

    Plus 1
    Secondary Channels
    BBC Red Button
    Sky Info
    Sky Sports Interactive
    Sky Anytime
    BT Sports Interactive
    Not indexed

    1. 101 = Entertainment
      201 = Plus 1
      301 = Movies
      350 = Music
      401 = Sports
      490 = Pay-Per-View
      501 = News
      560 = Specialist
      580 = Religion
      601 = Kids
      660 = Shopping
      701 = International
      801 = Secondary Channels
      900 = Adult
      950 = Regional
      980 = BBC Red Button
      994 = Sky Info
      1000 = Sky Sports Interactive
      1020 = Sky Anytime
      1030 = BT Sports Interactive
      1050 = Not indexed

    2. We’ll add that to the wish list

  8. Possible unintended behaviour here. I have 2 providers. I have just renamed a few of the categories in one of the providers and for those ones I renamed, it no longer shows the provider name prefix in the bouquets. So what I have ended up with is 1 provider with the provider name prefix on all its bouquets, and one provider with my edited category names showing no prefix and just the name I have entered, and the rest of the categories from that provider still showing the prefix. Perhaps an option in the plugin for “keep provider name prefix on edited category names” or something to give people a choice if they want this behaviour? Obviously if someone creates their own entirely new categories that are not from the m3u then it shouldn’t show any prefix, but editing a providers existing category should show consistent behaviour and keep the prefix by default.

    Actually an additional related option would be good, for something like “don’t show provider name prefix” which makes *all* categories by default not show the provider name (useful for those that just dont want to see the name because it takes up unnecessary space in the bouquets listing).

    1. Thanks for the feedback

      The way it works at the moment is intended. Previously all bouquets were prefixed with ‘IPTV’ and this allowed someone to change it to whatever they wanted.

      We’ll consider adding additional options for this.

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