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Our old friend Tommy has an excellent guide to using the plugin version 7 upwards on his blog, see the below link for further information

Older Guides for earlier versions that may still contain useful information below:

Head Melted has done a nice video install guide on YouTube

Enigma2 IPTV Bouquets with EPG ipk install , Suls Script removal & ipk install. quick guide.

Dsayers Guide to installing and configuring the plugin over on Techkings

Suls e2m3u2bouquet 0.6 IPTV Bouquet MakerMaker plugin


39 thoughts on “Community Guides – E2m3u2bouquet

  1. hello
    i am an iptv provider. my provider name is SLYK-IPTV. bouquets are working fine in my zgemma box. but for some reason EPG is not working. i am using the xtream v2.7 and i am using this link for EPG in my xtreamcode
    i follow all the steps for epg loading.. but still no success.
    can someone help me where i am doing wrong??
    thanks in advance

    1. are you selecting your epg inside epg importer?

  2. watching this.

  3. Is it possible to install this plugin on DM520HD, if yes, which file should I use for installation, ipk???

  4. hello people with me all stations are running well, but EPG Nix epg inporter 0 invites can help me someone – my box: Vu + solo4k / Image: VTI 13.0.2 thanx! ..

  5. Steve Jones

    Creates a bouquet but doesn’t import the EPG

    1. Does you epg url download a .gz or .xz file? You can test this by trying the url in a browser

  6. yes this new version works only with openATV 6.1 image everything OK thanks for answer! ..

  7. Hi.

    Great script, works well.

    The only issue is that even though my provider has a 15 day EPG The script only get 24hrs from the time the script is run.

    Any ideas?

    1. Your provider may provide a longer EPG for other devices but it’s likely they only publish 24hrs in the xmltv EPG feed. You can confirm this by putting the EPG url into a browser and checking the date of the last events.

      Some providers do support appending a ‘next_days’ parameter to the end of the url to supply more days e.g. add ‘&next_days=5’ to get listings for the next 5 days.

  8. Hi.

    When I copy&paste I get a list of channel names but it’s a massive list and it times out without fully loading.

    Adding &next_days=5 made no difference. ?

    Is there a way to link an iptv stream/channel to an EPG from a sat feed?


    1. Hi.

      I have tried all weekend to get this to pull the epg for more than 24hrs.

      My provider has helped the best they can, their EPG is for 15 days

      They have shown me the EPG on other devices and it’s for 15 days.

      I’ve been able to view the xmltv via a url with Firefox on my Linux box.

      It was crashing Chrome on my phone and laptop as the xmltv is 25mb.

      Is the size of the xmltv file the issue?

      I’ve hit a wall, I’ve no idea how to fix this.

      1. It sounds like your provider only has 24 hrs in their xmltv feed then. My provider supplies more than 24 hrs and it works without issue.

        Dragging a url straight into the Firefox download window should download it directly.

        If you have an active Sat connection set-up with EPG then yes it’s possible to use that EPG data. See the Custom Mapping post

        1. It looks like it, but the actual xmltv file is 15 days as observered when pasting the xmltv url into Chrome.

          The xmltv file is 25mb

          Is this script image dependant?

          1. If you want to zip the xmltv epg and upload it somewhere we can have a look

  9. Hey Guys,

    Dont know if this is do able or not? I would like to add a “quick import” to the main menu. I have tried to do this but i keep failing, Possibly not knowing Pyton that much does not help.

    1. When you say a “quick import” do you mean execute an Epg Importer import? Or just import the m3u playlist and convert into bouquets (which is what the ‘Run’ option does)?

      Option to run Epg Importer after the plugin runs is planned for a future release.

      1. The run to import the m3u and create the bouqets from the main menu where setup plugins etc are listed. Its just easier on some to execute it there rather then going through all the plugins etc also some are lazy

        1. I know its done in but the new codeing does not like the old way of defineing it. I tried to transplant the code accross but without sucsesss

          1. So you mean in the blue button extensions menu have an Quick Import option?

            Should be fairly straightforward. In you would just need another entry point that runs ‘do_update’. May want to wrap it in a message box callback same as in There’s already code there for starting the main plugin from the extensions menu.

  10. Sorry My apologies =)

    On the enigma “Main Menu” where you have options like – Setup, Plugins, Restart / Shutdown. As in the menu you have as soon as you press Menu on the remote

    Do you have any ideas on the code ? Sorry just new to the way of coding thats all

    1. It’s a bit different to hook into that menu.

      I don’t have code but will probably change the current extension menu to do a quick import and add an option to list on the main menu for the next version

      Edit: Some rough code would be something like

      1. Cool, I shall see if i can get it to work in the mean time, Im sure the code for the exstensions menu will provide some light

      2. Hey, Thanks for the code, I have a feeling i have to add something to have a hook some where to have the option in the main menu

        1. The additional PluginDescriptor in ‘def Plugins’ with ‘where=PluginDescriptor=PluginDescriptor.WHERE_MENU’ is what adds the hook it into the main menu. ‘menuHook’ then adds it to the menu and executes ‘quick_import_menu’ when selected

  11. Oh ok makes sense ( as i say sorry for been dense =) but im new to yhis coding. ) i cheated and dumped the code at the end and nothing appeard in the menu. Would you sugest anything i could maybe read to learn me a little more so i can stop asking questions. TIA

    1. It’s all new to me as well (this was my first Python programming). If you’re interested in enigma2 plugins then, for me, looking at the source of AutoBouquetsMaker and Epg Importer helped understand how things worked so all credit to them.

  12. Hey Again,

    Sorry to be a pain been trying to work with the code and i dont seem to be getting any where, I was thinking do we need to import any thing like Messagebox or anything similar ?

  13. Mats Kohkoinen

    Hello everybody.

    I have IPTVKING as my provider, and use an VU+ Solo4K box and also an IPTV 410 box, and on my IPTVbox there are a lot of VOD, every week there are new ones, but not on my VU+, only realy old VOD (from june-18). Why ?? Is there any setting in e2m3u3bouquett that I have missed ?

    1. Sounds like it’s not updating, what version and type are you using , script / plugin

      1. Mats Kohkoinen

        On the VU+ i use OpenPli 6.2 and manually update e2m3u2 every morning

        1. Have you atm the latest post by Doug on the web site? Have you updated epg importer lately? They changed some stuff that broke epg

    1. Nice guide Tommy, good to see you back at it 🙂 updated the help post accordingly

  14. Hi guys, could anyone help me with the override.xml file. I want to change the prefix in my bouquets from E2m3u2bouquet to just IPTV. Could someone post a snapshot of the overide file with this change so i can copy it. Using an E2 box and script method v7 (running spot on)

    1. You just need to use the config file based setup (not the override). As detailed on the script homepage –

  15. Has anyone managed to convert the code for PY3? I’m a complete novice at Python and have got part way but am having difficulty finding replacements for depreciated items AppUrlOpener & FancyURLopener

    class AppUrlOpener(urllib.request.FancyURLopener):

    # Core program logic starts here
    urllib.request._urlopener = AppUrlOpener()

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