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Community Guides

Noticed a couple of good community guides knocking about for the plugin which may well be useful to some.

Firstly Tommycahir who came up with the initial concepts for the script has done a very concise install guide for the plugin over on Enigma2 Community (registration required but worth it)

How to install IPTV and EPG with Suls E2m3u2bouquet IPK

Also Head Melted has done a nice video install guide on YouTube

Enigma2 IPTV Bouquets with EPG ipk install , Suls Script removal & ipk install. quick guide.

Dsayers Guide to installing and configuring the plugin over on Techkings

Suls e2m3u2bouquet 0.6 IPTV Bouquet MakerMaker plugin


8 thoughts on “Community Guides – E2m3u2bouquet

  1. hello
    i am an iptv provider. my provider name is SLYK-IPTV. bouquets are working fine in my zgemma box. but for some reason EPG is not working. i am using the xtream v2.7 and i am using this link for EPG in my xtreamcode
    i follow all the steps for epg loading.. but still no success.
    can someone help me where i am doing wrong??
    thanks in advance

  2. hello people with me all stations are running well, but EPG Nix epg inporter 0 invites can help me someone – my box: Vu + solo4k / Image: VTI 13.0.2 thanx! ..

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