Help Thread

Common problems and resolutions for E2m3u2bouquet.

“Permission denied” attempting to run the script

Ensure the script is executable, eg run (in the folder the script is in)

chmod 777

then run the script as per instructions

or run the script via python


EPG is not working

Ensure you have enabled the source in epg-importer and run a manual import.

If this still doesn’t work paste your epg url into firefox, this should return a bunch of XML data to the browser (nb: doesn’t work in chrome), if you don’t receive XML data back in the browser your epg url is wrong. Contact your provider to resolve this.

If you are using the serviceapp plugin to change the playback engine this is also know to stop the epg from working.

ImportError: No module named argparse

You need to install argparse on your box. Telnet/ssh to your box and run

opkg install python-argparse

No Module named imghdr

You need to install python-image (and likely python-imaging). Telnet/ssh to your box and run

opkg install python-image python-imaging

Bouquets disappear after box is rebooted

If you’ve already installed the providers script the changes it makes will need to be reverted otherwise the new bouquets will be deleted on restart

  • SSH to the box and remove /usr/bin/ – this sets to run on restart which causes all bouquets to be deleted
    N.B. Your box may use for other services. Check that it only contains before removing
rm /usr/bin/
  • Use the box GUI to delete the bouquet that creates Open the bouquet list. With the ‘Example’ bouquet selected, press the menu button there should be an option to remove the entry
  • Remove
rm /etc/enigma2/

Some channels stutter or don’t play correctly

This is likely due to having the ‘All IPTV type’ option enabled. Disable this option and re-run. If you’re using an override.xml file then you’ll also need to make sure the -xs option (script) or ‘Override service refs’: disabled (plugin) is set for this change to take effect.

512 thoughts on “E2m3u2bouquet Help Thread

  1. Hey guys, I’m seeing some occurrences of two channels having the same epg. It appears to be due to two channels having the same service id, this is the contents of my ‘suls_iptv_channels.xml’ file;

    The first channel is a real US channel and shows the epg fine but the 2nd one is just a channel my provider spins up ahead of weekly sporting events and normally will not show any epg but is showing the same detail as CNBC.

    Is there a reason why the two would have the same service id? They are in separate bouquet sections.


    1. it appears that the contents of my file did not paste correctly, here is a pastebin

      1. Are you using the override.xml file?

        I think there’s some cases that if new services are added (and you are using the override file) they can end up having the same service id. I’ll check into it

        1. That’s it mate. I can only presume that the new sport bouquets have been slotted in in a different order. I’ve sorted the issue by removing the sections from my override. Thanks for the help

    2. Trying to add 3 providers in config file , can you give me example of 3 providers. I save all in config then press run on zgemma, doesn’t run
      Script just overwrites provider

      1. Here’s an example with 3 providers (each provider needs to have a unique name)

        1. Garry kennedy

          Many thanks for this. Absolutely fantastic plugin.

  2. Paul Lloyd

    Can I ask where to place the -P for the picons when using the url based setup? I think i’ve tried everywhere and get errors everytime unrecognized arguments: –P

    1. It shouldn’t matter, what version of the script are you using

      1. Paul Lloyd

        I’m using the latest version of the script mate but get an error everytime

        1. What does ./ -V return?

          1. Paul Lloyd

            Hi DougMac that returns – v0.5 (2017-07-10)

            1. That’s not the latest version although it’s new enough that -P should work. The latest version can be downloaded from

              Suspect it’s something else in you command arguments. Try the latest version if it still doesn’t work please post a screenshot

    2. goes right at the end

  3. I’ve noticed that the epg is only pulling in a max of 1 day of programs per channel. I habe days set to 7,but it makes no difference. Is this normal? Thanks

    1. Some providers only have 1 day in their xmltv epg feed so this is normal. To confirm you can put the epg url in a browser and check the date & time of the last event.

      1. Ah right. That’s grand. Thanks for that!!!

  4. Hi,

    I’m using the URL based setup but when I run the script I get “IndexError: list index out of range” error? Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


    Starting Engima2 IPTV bouquets
    2017-07-22 16:44:15.094687

    —-Downloading m3u file—-

    —-Parsing m3u file—-
    —-Running uninstall—-
    Removing old IPTV bouquets…
    Removing IPTV custom channels…
    Removing IPTV bouquets from…
    —-Uninstall complete—-
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 885, in
    File “”, line 851, in main
    categoryorder, disabled_categories, dictchannels = e2m3uSetup.parsem3u(m3ufile, iptvtypes, delimiter_category, delimiter_title, delimiter_tvgid, delimiter_logourl)
    File “”, line 144, in parsem3u
    channel = [(line.split(‘”‘)[delimiter_category]).strip(),
    IndexError: list index out of range

  5. It looks like your m3u playlist may be in a different format. In your m3uurl do you have ‘&type=m3u_plus’ ?

    1. this is the end of the string &type=m3u_plus&output=ts” and I also confirmed with provider its supported

  6. Can you download your m3u file in a browser and send us the first few lines (10 should be fine) using the contact page ( Replace your username and password within the downloaded m3u file

  7. rurealorwhat

    Hi I have very similar problem on H2S it use to work spot on but today I get this no matter what

    Starting Engima2 IPTV bouquets
    2017-07-22 18:27:38.124748

    —-Downloading m3u file—-

    —-Parsing m3u file—-
    —-Running uninstall—-
    Removing old IPTV bouquets…
    Removing IPTV custom channels…
    Removing IPTV bouquets from…
    —-Uninstall complete—-

    —-Parsing custom bouquet order—-
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 885, in
    File “./”, line 851, in main
    categoryorder, disabled_categories, dictchannels = e2m3uSetup.parsem3u(m3ufile, iptvtypes, delimiter_category, delimiter_title, delimiter_tvgid, delimiter_logourl)
    File “./”, line 166, in parsem3u
    sorted_categories, disabled_categories = self.parse_map_bouquet_xml(dictchannels)
    File “./”, line 251, in parse_map_bouquet_xml
    tree = ElementTree.parse(f)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/etree/”, line 1182, in parse
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/etree/”, line 656, in parse
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/etree/”, line 1653, in feed
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/etree/”, line 1517, in _raiseerror
    xml.etree.ElementTree.ParseError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1215, column 21

  8. There’s an error in your override.xml file at line 1215

    1. Running into a problem on a Gigablue Quad with Openvix 4.1:

      Starting Engima2 IPTV bouquets
      2017-07-22 21:36:48.818569

      —-Downloading providers file—-
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “./”, line 703, in
      File “./”, line 662, in main
      providersfile = e2m3uSetup.download_providers(PROVIDERSURL)
      File “./”, line 116, in download_providers
      raise (e)
      IOError: [Errno socket error] [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)

      1. Can you let me know if you are willing to test and report back on a potential fix for this?

      2. I get the same thing for all the non url inputs.

        1. Can you let us know if this is fixed in the latest release?

          1. Sorry for late reply, I fixed it by upgrading to OpenVix 5.

            1. Didn’t get a chance to test it on your 0.5.4 build.

  9. Another one you might want to add to this, is the argument parser module…

    opkg install python-argparse

    1. That was the first thing on this page

      1. Oooops, didn’t see that one on there, as the actual error that came up for someone was different to that :p

  10. Hey;

    I’m having the following issue with a provider I’m using when using the url import

    Removing IPTV bouquets from…
    —-Uninstall complete—-
    Completed parsing data…
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 1032, in
    File “./”, line 1001, in main
    e2m3uSetup.save_map_xml(categoryorder, category_options, dictchannels, list_xmltv_sources)
    File “./”, line 470, in save_map_xml
    cat_title_override = category_options[cat].get(‘nameOverride’, ”)
    KeyError: u’VOD/MOVIES’

    1. Hi,

      Is this on the first run of the script (without any existing override.xml files)?

      1. It seems that it might not be picking up the VOD categories from your providers playlist correctly. Are you able to download the m3u playlist, search for ‘VOD/MOVIES’ and let me know extensions (e.g. .mp4, mkv) these streams are using?

        1. hey man

          First time run and subsequent runs after. Deleted the XML created in the home dir and tried with options -a / -M and also -i.. No luck..

          VOD/Movies look to me using mixtures of mkv, mp4 and flv depending on the item. There is no correlation 🙁

          1. Thanks. Think it will be the .flvs that are causing it, we’ll get it fixed.

          2. Can you try the latest version v0.5.5?

            1. hey dude…

              same 🙁

              Removing IPTV bouquets from…
              —-Uninstall complete—-
              Completed parsing data…
              Traceback (most recent call last):
              File “./”, line 1032, in
              File “./”, line 1001, in main
              e2m3uSetup.save_map_xml(categoryorder, category_options, dictchannels, list_xmltv_sources)
              File “./”, line 470, in save_map_xml
              cat_title_override = category_options[cat].get(‘nameOverride’, ”)
              KeyError: u’VOD/MOVIES’

              1. if you run ./ -V does it report the version as v0.5.5?

                1. embarrassingly my copy didnt work..

                  Different error now:

                  —-Downloading providers file—-
                  Traceback (most recent call last):
                  File “./”, line 1034, in
                  File “./”, line 983, in main
                  File “./”, line 803, in read_providers
                  ‘m3u’: line.split(‘,’)[1],
                  IndexError: list index out of range

                  1. That’s strange. It’s not getting as far as it did last time 🙁

                    It looks like you are using the named provider option. Is that what you were using before?

                    1. When it first failed, I copied your providers.txt file and replaced with the same settings for my provider.. Simply copy/paste and put on a github I had.. So the command I just tried was using providers. When I switch to URL import, it goes through! HOORAH! 😀

                      Now to see if the supplier allows it haha Thank you so much

  11. One other question regarding the multi vod categories… Is there any chance of sorting all the videosin the multi-vod in alphabetical order (not the categories themselves)? As providers usually add the movies etc, so it lists them in the order added…


  12. IOError: [Errno socket error] [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590

    1. Is this using the latest release v0.5.5 available from ?

  13. sean sanders

    Hi, Once you Putty: cd /home/root is there meant to be an acknowledgement once pressed enter? it just starts a new root@zgemah2s: line for me??

    1. You can confirm you are in the correct directory by typing

    2. No it drops to next line for your next command

  14. Hey guys, found a strange issue on my box.

    Today i configured two E2 boxes the exactly same way (like described in the instruction for the script). The first box was perfectly working. But the second refused to manually update the EPG. I’ve checked the logs and found that the EPG download link was wrong.

    So i opened the “suls_iptv_e2m3u2bouquet.sources.xml” and found that the url string was ok but at the end of the string was the root password for my box. This was generating the wrong link. Strange wise i used the exactly same software and workflow for the first box and it worked from the first try.


    I just removed the Root password (this was my real root password on the box) and it was fine. May someone else is struggeling with this issue, so please check the URL link accordingly…


    1. You must have typed it to the script parameters at some point, theres no way the script can do that or know your root password…

  15. Why are American streams not playing correctly

    1. You need to speak to your provider, stream quality is nothing to do with the script / plugin

  16. Hey guys,
    Superb script, have everything working fine after some false starts. I have one outstanding issue though.

    I’m currently using e2m3u2bouquet v0.5.3. It seems the script is not be picking up some links in the VOD categories from my providers playlist. For example in the VOD Boxing category there should be 7 listings, but only 3 (2 x mkv and 1 x mp4 links) are showing on my e2 box. The 4 listings that are not showing are mp4 x 1, flv x 3 links. Same with UFC category, should be 10 listings but only showing 4. And so on for each category. It doesn’t seem to pick up .flv links at all from what I can see, and then .mp4 links seem to be hit and miss, it picks up some, doesn’t pick up others. Any ideas why this might be?

    I’m also seeing some duplicate bouquets, with different listings in each bouquet. e.g.
    IPTV – VOD – VOD/Kids Movies and IPTV – VOD/Kids Movies

    This is probably an issue with the providers m3u file. When I open the e2m3u2bouquet-sort-current file the following lines are in the categories section, but none of the other VOD categories are listed.

    Any advice on what to say to the provider to get this cleaned up?


    1. Try using v0.6

      1. Ok will update to 6 when I get a chance. Can I still use the existing override file after the update, or do I need to create a new one again? Thanks

        1. Yes, you should be able to reuse your override file

  17. Sorry, the VOD category code seemed to get clipped from my post. I’ll try again:

    This is probably an issue with the providers m3u file. When I open the e2m3u2bouquet-sort-current file the following lines are in the categories section, but none of the other VOD categories are listed.

    “VOD/Kids Movies

    All enabled to “true”. Any advice on what to say to the provider to get this cleaned up?

    1. At a guess the forward slashes are causing the issue but it could be something else, we would really need to have a look at the m3u file to debug it, drop us an email via the contact page if you want us to have a look

      1. Will do, thanks

  18. Hi im trying to putty the following script but getting the following error how can i fix this im no expert with putty so any help is appreciated

    wget && python -n xxxxx -u xxx -p xxx
    conecting to http://www.xxxxxxxx.xx:xxxx (1xx.2xx.2xx. 1xx:xxxx
    wget : cant open ‘’ : File exsists

    What do i need to do so this script can be installed.
    Thanks in advance

    1. You need to speak to who ever gave you those commands.. The script is from here but the rest of the commands, in particular the file that is failing to download is nothing to do with us.
      Or download the plugin on this site, there are guides on YouTube on how to install it if you are a little unsure

      1. Advice on the plugin still stands, rereading your error message it says the file already exists


        Should clear that for you and your previous commands might work then

  19. Can any one help does the xml file give the the channels the epg info if so what info does it have to have script works fine and install the bouqets fine just trying to get epg to work



    1. The m3u file gives the tvg-id values which should then match up with the channel ids in your providers xmltv epg file

  20. Hi great script been using it over the last month or so. I installed .6 last night and everything worked fine. I’ve set it to update every 24hr but it’s removed the epg sources has anyone else had this. I re ran the script and it added it back in

    1. How old is the script you are running? Newer scripts and the plugin use provider name as the epg source

      1. I think it was v.5 but I fully uninstalled the script but not the cron job. Yeah I’ve noticed that the epg source is now named after the iptv supplier

        1. That will be what’s happening then, the cron will be removing both sources

    2. Just remembered I orgot to delete the cron job from the previous script could that potentiallly remove the epg source ?

      1. Yes if the naming of the source is different

        1. Sorry jumping around different comments I’ll delete the script. Also isn’t there anyway to fully disable the epg picons I want the ones installed on the box but it seems to be pulling down the providers picons

          1. Not using the picon flag will stop the script pulling them down.. Think it is -p from memory. To remove any that are already in the box you will need to manually delete them from your picon location

          2. The download of picons is optional (default is no download). You must have -P in your command arguments

      2. The script always removes everything and recreates it every time it is run

  21. Script is amazing thanks! just a problem since FAB changed i installed the new ipk when i run the script 0.6 it takes half the time and no bouqets appear at all!

    1. Hi Liam,

      Are you still having issues with the plugin and the FAB changes?

  22. I don’t suppose anybody has had a luck getting the plugin to work with openpli 4.0. I eventually managed to get previous versions of the script working by updating certain components, but I cannot get the the plugin to work. I get an error – ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘SSLContext’. I presume the python installed is out-of-date.

    1. Hi NigelH. What version of python is installed – ‘python -V’.

      The SSLContext I put in was for older boxes that couldn’t download the providers file over SSL (think this needs Python 2.7.9 or higher)

      Edit: I’ll put a check in v0.6.1 that should work around the issue

      1. Hi DougMac. My Python version is 2.7.3

        1. I’ve put in a fix in for this that will be part of the next version.

        2. This is fixed in v0.6.1

    2. I have the same issue with OpenPLi 4 on a DM7020HD, it does not work and Python is 2.7.3. On my Vu+ Zero with OpenPLi 6.1 it installs and works fine, Python is 2.7.12.

      How do I get it to work on OpenPLi 4?

      1. Forgot to mention that I cannot go to OpenPLi 6 on the DM7020HD as OpenPLi in no longer supporting Dreamboxes.

      2. You’re getting the ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘SSLContext’ error?

        That’s odd as issue was confirmed as resolved back in v0.6.1

        1. Thanks for the help. No it was another error but similar.

          I have since gone to OpenATV for the DM7020HD and it installed correctly. It has the updated Python.


  23. Hi, the script works perfectly and keeps my IPTV bouquet updated (as football matches mean the playlist changes often). However, I also use an “all channels” bouquet with non-IPTV channels and associated channel numbers (105=ch5 etc) and I’ve noticed that after the cron job runs the script, the channel numbers no longer associate with the correct channels, instead they associate with IPTV channels.
    I checked out the file and the script seems to have added the IPTV bouquets to the top of the list, rather than the bottom.
    Is there any way to ensure it adds them to the bottom of the bouquet order?

  24. Hi! Does anyone has any experience with RapidIPTV and this wonderfull tool?
    I run this:
    python -m “”
    and the output is this:
    Starting Engima2 IPTV bouquets
    2017-08-22 09:03:31.209503

    —-Downloading m3u file—-

    —-Parsing m3u file—-
    —-Running uninstall—-
    Removing old IPTV bouquets…
    Removing IPTV custom channels…
    Removing IPTV bouquets from…
    —-Uninstall complete—-
    Completed parsing data…

    —-Creating bouquets—-
    bouquets created …

    —-Creating EPG-Importer config —-
    EPG-Importer config created…

    —-Reloading bouquets—-
    bouquets reloaded…

    Engima2 IPTV bouquets created !

    To enable EPG data
    Please open EPG-Importer plugin..
    Select sources and enable the new IPTV sources (will be listed as E2m3u2Bouquet)
    Save the selected sources, press yellow button to start manual import
    You can then set EPG-Importer to automatically import the EPG every day

    but there are no new bouquets created on my zgemma-box… Anyone has an idea?

    1. Is there anything in the m3u if you download it manually?

      1. Raymond van der Burgt

        Yes, it is 1,12mb of size and filled with channels.

  25. Would it be possible to add RAPIDIPTV?
    Can’t get it to work.

    1. need a bit more info than that, have a look at the supplier form.. That’s the info we need

  26. I filled that form but it doesn’t work even if i had to choose that in that form.

    1. Same information as Raybus already gave for some week ago.

      1. Would be awesome if we can get RAPIDIPTV to work with this great tool!

  27. It’s added now but seems same thing happen.
    Empty list.

  28. After some more testing RAPIDIPTV works if you manually download m3u file to own webserver or something like that.
    Then you use that link instead for e2m3ubouquet script and then it works.
    Seems there is a problem with grabbing the file clientportal directly.

    1. That doesnt sound right, there must be authenication or some thing in the way of the script getting the file, does sticking the two URLs into firefox result in an M3U file / XML epg data ?

      1. I get EPG data och M3U file with wget command with exactly same link but not with e2m3u2bouquet but if if i use link to a downloaded m3u file it works.
        Really strange

  29. I am using FAB and had it all working fine, but had to re-flash my box. Now when I run the script it is not creating the source in EPG Importer. I have tried removing EPG Importer and re-installing, but it still does not list FAB. I also tried re-running the script. The channels work fine – just no EPG data.

    1. In the epg importer sources do you one listed as [.] ? If you do what happens if you select that source?

      1. Hi Doug, thanks for the response. I have got it working using the . The issue seems to be that FAB have changed the URLs, so the named provider based setup is not working. The URL based setup is working.

  30. Today i flashed my zgemma and installed OpenATV version 6. I installed e2m3u2bouquet and did not get it to work with GENIPTV. The only way to get it to work is to wget the files ( channels and epg ) and use it in the url-string. I use version 6.1, your latest version. Strange, but a serious problem in my opinion…

    1. If GENIPTV is no longer working we’ll remove them as a supported provider.

      (Unless they can tell us what’s changed and what we need to do to access the files)

  31. i used the url based setup with success, it worked great. My question is my provider provides tabs i do not want and when i delete them via the UI using the remote they re-appear when i reboot or a scheduled update runs. I get why this happens but is there a way to only update the bouquets i have? thanks in advance 🙂

    1. See the custom mapping post ( for details on how to use the e2m3u2bouquet-sort-current.xml file to disable categories you don’t want

  32. Hi. I am using the new script and it has installed fine. However only half the epg data is pulled across. I have checked the xml file and it downloads fully in a web browser. I guess it has something to do with the file format. The epg is from Global-Entertainment, which is in your list of providers. However I cannot use the IPK because it is via a reseller, but the epg file is theirs.
    Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

    1. If you manually view the epg does it include titles and descriptions for the missing events? I believe that enigma2 will only show the epg event if it has a title and description

      1. hi,i run the script and it works well for bouquets,where do i get xmltv data? cos i dont have cmltv url cos dont know where to get it

        1. Your supplier should provide an xmltv epg feed. If not it’s up to you to map your channels to a different epg source e.g. the Rytec epg. See the custom mapping post for details –

          1. thx for your supplier gave me the epg feed and still it loads 0 events after a minute waiting every time

            1. I get the same and i know linknis valid because i use it on my iptv android app

  33. I also noticed that the script generates errors when runned from a Dreambox800SE with python version 2.6.6. The error is an invalid syntax on line 414 ( version 0.6.1 ) and line 395 ( version 0.5.x ) Does anybody has an answer to that? 🙂

    1. We don’t (and have no plans to) support any boxes with a python version that old. We only support boxes with python 2.7 and higher.

  34. ChunkyMonkeyUK

    My service provider’s EPG feed is pretty terrible and missing lots of channels. I have noticed there is an ‘xmltvextrasources’ section in the override.xml these days. How do i use this? I am assuming that I would need to change the servicerefs of all my channels (using e-chan) then add a legitimate XMLTV URL to this section. Two questions:

    Firstly, would it pull the additional sources using the same profile name in EPG-Importer (mine is still called E2M3U2Bouquet i think)?
    Secondly, are the example xmltv urls in override.xml working? If so, can i just remove them from the example and make them live?

    1. The idea behind that option is that in the override file you would set all your channels tvg-ids to the same as the Rytec channel ids.

      You should be able to download the one of the commented out Rytec epg urls, extract the xml files and them see the channel ids

      Everything would be done in the override.xml file no need to use E-Channelizer

  35. It seems to be a cloudflare problem when trying to download link directly from Rapid.
    It says Access Denied.

    1. The owner of this website (*****) has banned your access based on your browser’s signature

      1. Would it be possible to fake user-agent to be a webbrowser or something or an option for that?

  36. This is what my solution so far is…
    I build a script, who first downloads the m3u and epg-data local to my box, then I run the e2m3u2bouquet-script with the local files. This works and I can even run it via cron in a schedule, but this was not the reason I bought GenIPTV for a year, no auto import via plugin and no automatically fill epg-data. Neither Suls or GenIPTV is willing to provide a proper answer to our questions… If they can only say what the problem is, or what has changed since 10th september…
    The main problem is that Suls plugin does not have proper acces rights to download the files, while a simple wget-command will do the trick to download the files. I suer hope someone will take the lead ( Gen or Suls ) to respond.

    1. First of all this is a free script/plugin, we are not affiliated with any suppliers nor do we ask or accept any payments for the hours of work that we’ve spent on it.

      As far as I am aware your provider (that you pay for) has attempted to add security by using Cloudfare to limit what browsers/user agents can access their server. This change has resulted in our script not working.

      This issue only affects a handful of suppliers so although you may think it’s a major issue it only affects a small proportion of users.

      Saying that we would like to resolve it. I’ve requested a free trial from one of the suppliers, I’ve not heard anything back so unsure if they offer trials over the weekend. If the supplier (or users) work with us and gives us a login we should be able to test and put in a fix.

      1. If script could be identified as somthing like this it should work

        Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/33.0.1750.149 Safari/537.36

        1. I tested your newest version with that user-agent thing and now it seems to work.

          1. Thanks. Still no response from the supplier to my trial request so unable to test myself

            1. One problem only should’nt picons be renamed to service references or channelname in bouquet?
              Standard is service references so maybe an option to choose between them.

              1. Picons with service references should have names like this

                1_0_1_9CE4_C8F4_261F_0_0_0_0.png For Kanal 5 FHD SE on Rapid for example.

                1. Nevermind seems it worked when i changed to show channelname references.

  37. Problem is probably same as RapidIPTV.
    The user-agent is banned and gives Access Denied and fails to download because of that.
    I tried with same user-agent as this script have in webbrowser and change user-agent there and got same results.
    A simple change of user-agent in script would fix it.
    That banned thing also ban download of picons.

  38. Hi,

    This plugin is great.

    Is it possible to get Occultum/Infusum to work with it?

    Kind regards.

    1. If they are able to supply supply the relevant urls yes

  39. I am using OpenATV 6.0
    I have run the script with the url for my m3u url and the url from my providers xmltv data.
    The bouquets were created corectly.
    Then I opened the EPG-Importer and I selected the source „e2m3u2bouquet“. Then I tried to do the manual import oft he source, but the result is „0“ imported datasets.
    I pasted the epg url into firefox, and it returned a bunch of XML data to the browser.

    Somebody could explain me, why there is no results of imported datasets?

    1. I want to add the information that if I’am going to select some preinstalled other sources from Rytec, the import is working fine. But the EPG is not displayed in the bouquet

  40. Carl Craddock

    just a quick one. ive been playing for hours and its doing my head in lol.. any light on the situation would help. i am currently trying to get full epg on SUPERSTREAMS source. when i first did it i got tsn / bein etc all to work then they stopped working. thinking it was a problem with webgrab i tried all different sources and epgimport would say 0 channels imported (testing 1 at once). now i use a custom list as SUPERSTREAMS tends to have a few eird naming conventions but heres the strange thing..bein sports for example is named the same in both my script and in the one downloaded by E2m3u2bouquet but for some reason it will import in 1 but not the other..its really doing my head in.heres the example below.. all UK is fine i have every single channel mapped and pulling epg properly but from line 489 onwards (is there a limit) it wont import..
    **example 1 from suls_iptv_channels.xml**
    webgrab HD3
    xml 1:0:1:8ec8:36cf:4976:0:0:0:0:http%3a//example.m3u8

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this fills the epg no problem^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    **example 2 from custom_channels.xml**
    webgrab HD3
    xml 1:0:1:8ec8:36cf:4976:0:0:0:0:http%3a//example.m3u8

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^same channel id & same id but returns 0 channels imported and doesnt fill^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    everything is identical except the xml name but it fills all UK no problem the second it it hits after line 489 it stops in custom..but i can edit the suls file and it pulls again but every time channel list is update so does the suls_xml so i cant edit that..
    any light on the matter would be muchly appreciated

  41. John Ibrahim

    I am not getting epg data on any channel on my IPTV channels from last 3x days.

    can some one please help me to get epg… It was working great before via epgimport but I am not sure what happend from last 2x days?

    Please help me if any thing new I need to add or edite?

    I am using OpenAtv with solo 4k

    1. did you ever get your epg back?

  42. Couldn’t get the plugin to work with Ace on my Duo2. Selected Ace, put in login and password and told it to run, but no bouquets appeared at all (have no other iptv bouquets and have not used the plugin on this box before). Tried a few times, double checked password, nothing worked. I ran the script manually with the full url’s from Ace and it worked fine (didn’t try running manually with the -Ace command line). Have they changed url’s or something so the plugin doesn’t work or have I messed something up?

    1. Send the working urls via the contact form and I’ll double check it

      1. I cant get epg data to to show in bouquets or epg tv guide can you please let me know why

  43. Is anyone else getting the plugin vanishing issue ? This has happened to many of my clients and they are using 0.6.3

  44. Hi Doug,

    Im using fab and have the latest version and of epg importer installed and 0.63 and have all the sources there but when I goto manual download it scans the first 4 groups all with 0 events and then finishes although there is 16 selected. Any ideas here, I tried with both the url method and then with iptv bouquet maker as well.

  45. I seem to get the import to work but it does not show in the epg guide,Any thoughts guys

    1. I’m getting exactly the same thing import but not showing listings

      1. Are you using service app

        1. Do you mean the app that is added via your ipk file suls

          1. No it’s a separate app, epg doesn’t work with it

            1. No I’m using the script and epg importer gets events and data but not getting any listings in bouquets or tv guide

  46. Hey there,

    Totall new to this but have been doing some reading on your forums etc.Question i have is that i’ve been given the below and when i run this through putty i get just get one almighty list of channels, so is there a way or what is the best way to “group” into bouquets and an EPG or is it not possible ?

    lets just say that the provider hasnt been the most helpful that i have come across technically but talsk a good game.

    any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    wget -O /etc/enigma2/ “” && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/ && /etc/enigma2/

    1. Use our plugin or script instead

      1. I know this is probably a really dum question but i thought that the plugin only worked with the registered providers ?

        This guy isnt on the list ?

        Can you give me an example of the script and i’ll just have to insert my username and password as i have tried myself and it didnt work lol.

        Thanks if you can help Suls,if not then no probs

        1. Use the script and the urls your provider recommends for perfect player, that should work

          1. Lol….is there a guide for this Suls.

            That was a bit over my head


            1. Follow the url based set up on the home page for e2m32bouquet, it’s linked in the menu above.

              Your m3u url is


              You will need to work out your epg url but it’s probably guessable from the guide and m3u link above..

              See how you get on

              1. All sorted……dunno what i did but it worked lol

                Top bloke Suls,cheers buddy

                1. Sweet glad it’s working,

                  1. Suls can you please reply to my comment I have used the script and epg importer saying about 5000 events but I’m not getting anything showing up no listings in tv guide or bouquets what am I doing wrong

                    1. Can you send your urls via the contact form, I’ll try and have a look tomorrow

  47. I use the script but why is my epg showing no listing on tv guide thanks

  48. Please can you reply let me know why epg listing not showing check my url in browser

  49. I’m going to be switching to a supported provider soon. Will I be able to have my normal free view days services combined with the IPTV services when using your plug in?

    Example 105 – Chanel 5 Sat, 106 – Sky One Iptv

    1. Yes and no you will have IPTV bouquets and normal bouquets, the channels wont be mixed and matched to a sky like format.

      1. Thanks for replying so quickly.

        I might use 1-100 for the free view
        And 101+ for IPTV then.

        Just want a back up of the main channels in case provider goes AWOL

  50. Can’t get EPG to work with my OpenATV 6.1 setup.
    Have edit the script to my box” ./ -n GIANTIPTV -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD”

    I get all the channels sorted and picture without any problem. But when I try to import the Epg with Epgimport 1.0+Git170 I get “0 events”

    Help please!!

    1. Are you selecting the source correctly in EPG-Importer?
      Blue button to select sources, select ‘IPTV Bouquet Maker – E2m3u2bouquet’, then select the line below ‘E2m3u2Bouquet’ so you get a green ‘tick’ on the left, then Green button to save…..

      1. Yes exactly like that and then yellow for manual import.

        1. Have you by any chance changed the ‘name’ field in config.xml?
          I did this and it was a while before I realised there was another new entry under ‘sources’ (IPTV as well as ‘E2m3u2bouquet) which I needed to select.

          1. Just read your original post and I see you’re not using config.xml.
            Hopefully someone else here can be more help.

  51. Happy to say that everything works fine on my Mut@nt HD1500 running OpenATV 6.1.
    Great work, thanks a lot.

  52. I am not getting the EPG Populated, Ran the Script above with Details of IPTV m3u_plus Line.. and the XMLTV Link. The XMLTV link is good, as use it all the time for Perfect Player & tested in Browser, and no issues..
    Just Says 0 Events when i run the EPG-Importer via the source created by the script (e2m3u2bouquet)
    Any Suggestions? as i see above lots of Peeps having this problem..

    1. Are you using service app

      1. I assume you meant the Plugin? IPK Install? NO, I have simply run the Script with the Details I have from my M3u, I see all the channels etc, just not the EPG Populating whatsoever..?

        1. The serviceapp plugin is a separate plugin that allows you to change the playback engine on an enigma2 box. If it has been installed it can stop the epg from working.

          If you open the epg-importer plugin and view the log what does it say?

          1. It’s a Fresh Install of Woosh and Ipab, both Tested with it, so i can’t imagine that would be Installed on it, I never installed anyways. I’ll get you a Log over m8. Ta

          2. Edited out the user & pass… Thanks for looking, as I said, Plays back IPTV fine.. Just o events for EPG

            [EPGImport] autostart (0) occured at 1511371892.39
            [EPGImport] autostart (0) occured at 1511371892.51
            [EPGImport] WakeUpTime now set to -1 (now=1511371892)
            [EPGImport] No settings [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/etc/enigma2/epgimport.conf’
            [EPGImport] Selected sources: [‘E2m3u2Bouquet’]
            sourcesDone(): True [‘E2m3u2Bouquet’]
            [EPGImport] WakeUpTime now set to 1511482547 (now=1511373022)
            [EPGImport] nextImport, source= E2m3u2Bouquet
            [EPGImport] Downloading: http://XXXXX/xmltv.php?username=XXXX&password=XXXX to local path: /tmp/epgimport
            [EPGImport] No IPv6, using IPv4 directly: http://XXXXX/xmltv.php?username=XXXX&password=XXXX%5BEPGImport%5D afterDownload /tmp/epgimport
            [EPGImport] unlink /tmp/epgimport
            [EPGImport] afterChannelDownload None
            [EPGImport] Using twisted thread
            [EPGImport] Parsing channels from ‘/etc/epgimport/suls_iptv_channels.xml’
            Serviceref not in bouquets: 1:0:1:84D0:6ADF:97F8:0:0:0:0:http%3a//example.m3u8
            Serviceref not in bouquets: 1:0:1:84D1:6ADF:97F8:0:0:0:0:http%3a//example.m3u8
            [EPGImport] failed to parse /etc/epgimport/suls_iptv_channels.xml Error: not well-formed (invalid token): line 4, column 115
            [XMLTVConverter] Enumerating event information
            [EPGImport] ### thread is ready ### Events: 0
            [EPGImport] imported 0 events
            [EPGImport] Save last import date and count event
            [EPGImport] Run check deep standby after import
            [EPGImport] #### Finished ####
            [EPGImport] WakeUpTime now set to 1511482547 (now=1511373137)

            1. Can you send us line 4 of the ‘/etc/epgimport/suls_iptv_channels.xml’ file?

              1. 1:0:1:84d0:6adf:97f8:0:0:0:0:http%3a//example.m3u8

                I am not sure this is the right info that you require, I have uploaded it here –

                1. It would interesting to see your m3u playlist, it looks like you have 12 actual channels that are named as categories e.g. “======= UK =========”, “——— UK Kids ————” etc..

                  If you can download your m3u file (replacing your username & password) and send us link via the contact form ( we can have a look.

                  1. HI Buddy, Sent over some Details now… Thanks

                    1. Did you get any solution for this?

  53. Updated openatv from 6 to 6.1, copied old settings back from 6 now suls is playing up. I would like to uninstall and reinstall again but ./ -Udoes not find the file/s any ideas please

    1. i`ve just done this for iptv epg for the first time….think it`s as good as done but i seem to have around 3 of the bouquets that don`t have any or hardly any channel info,
      i.e. iptv-uk/documentary…..iptv-uk/entertainment and iptv-uk/movies,
      any particular reason why this should be?

      1. If you manually download your provider epg (using the epg url) you should be able to check if any events for those bouquets are listed.

        1. sorry i`m quite new to this and not very tech savvy either….how would i do that

    2. Sounds like the script is missing from your box you’ll need to copy it back across.

      1. all bouquets and channels within them are there, it`s just movies/documentary/entertainment bouquets are missing like 99% of channel information,
        i don`t know how to sort it or even if it is even sort-able

        1. It’s likely your provider doesn’t supply epg info for these channels. That’s outwith our control

          1. ok thank you, i did contact them but was told “sometimes it does`nt load up 100%” with no mention of them not having epg info,
            a few channels missing info, yes, but whole bouquets of info does`nt seem right……i appreciate the reply and i would think i`m not being told straight by supplier.

            1. If you put your epg url in a browser you should be able to see what they are supplying (it may be best to save the output as a .xml file and open it in something like Notepad++). This page explains the file structure –

  54. Any rough idea when the plugin for v0.7 will be available. Many thanks for all of the hard work.

  55. Using GHOST as host on the app but its not downloading any channels,Can anyone help as why thanks

  56. I am using plugin 6.3 on a vu+ zero. Swedish C more films stop after a while when service starts with 4097. When I change 4097 to 1 with a editor the channels do not stop but then
    recording and subtitles do not work. Provider is Geniptv. Any solution?
    Is it possible to run plugin so the service start 1 instead of 4097?

    1. The ‘All IPTV Type’ option controls is the service start ‘1’ or ‘4097’ (if it’s enabled they start 4097)

      1. Tanks! Now the service starts with 1and the subtitles work but not the recording. I tested on a Vu+ solo2 there the recording worked when service start with 1.
        I have same version of open blackhole image on vu+ zero and vu+ solo2 but it is different hardware and image.

  57. Hi,

    Firstly wanted to say great work and thank you!

    I have two issues:

    The bouquets seem to reset back to default, I can still see and restore the bouquets created by the script in e-channelizer but am a bit stumped as it didn’t do it to my previously created custom bouquets.

    I also have a similar problem to the person above; recordings work ok but I’ve found that pause, rewind, etc. does not work, yet if I import the m3u into my custom bouquet then it does (no EPG though), I have checked in e-channelizer and all settings are the same.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    1. If you’ve installed your providers script this will reset the bouquets on restart. See ‘Bouquets disappear after box is rebooted’ on this page

      You’ll need to compare the full service refs in E-Channelizer to see whats different. Some boxes need the ‘All IPTV Type’ option set for recordings (this sets the service ref to start 4097) however this option can cause stuttering and other playback issues

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for the prompt response. Since my original message, they have not reset so I’m going hold off on that for the moment.

        I have changed the service on one channel to 4097 to test but still no joy. Reverted back and if I stream it via E-Channelizer I can pause it.
        On the ones I imported into my custom bouquet I set the epg using the DVB service and it works.

  58. Hi ,

    Is there a way to get it to get the script to stop putting e2m3ubouquet – before each bouquet name eg. e2m3ubouquet – Entertainment, e2m3ubouquet – Kids and so on?

    1. Change the supplier name in the config file

      1. Thank You

  59. Hi I am trying to use both the script ver7 and ipk 6.3 and both are giving errors.
    here is the error message:
    —-Parsing m3u file—-
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 1274, in
    File “”, line 1241, in main
    File “”, line 227, in parse_m3u
    channeldict[‘stream-url’] = line.strip()
    UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘channeldict’ referenced before assignment
    I would appreciate any help. The provider script creates one big list also the m3u list has lots of groups if played on a different device like smart tv

  60. hello, i`ve got an issue with epg not updating daily (but does manually) and box being on in morning when i get up,
    i get a popup screen warning when go to plugins stating;
    Warning, some plugins are not available:
    Extensions/iptv_list_updater ([Errno socket error]
    [Errno-2] Name or service not known)
    Extensions/E2m3u2bouquet ([Errno socket error]
    [Errno-2] Name or service not known)

    is this fixable?
    thank you.

  61. getting error message , if anyone could help please

    =— Downloading providers file—–
    Traceback (most recent call last) :
    File “./”, line 1274, in
    sys.exit(main() )
    File “./”, line 1219, in main
    provider, username, password)
    ValueError: too many values to unpack

    1. Is this using the script with a named provider? If so what named provider are your trying?
      (It’s possible that you’ve misspelled the provider)

  62. When the script is run channels are added but no epg is imported. There are 3 files produced including the sources.XML with correct epg info line.

    In the channel.XML all channels have http%3a//example.m3u8 like below is this right?


    1. Yes, that’s correct.

      What does the epg importer log say? (viewable from the epg importer plugin)

      1. [EPGimport] ##thread is ready### Events =0
        [EPGimport] imported 0 events
        [EPGimport] save last import date and count event
        [EPGimport] Run check deep standby after import
        [EPGimport] ### finished ###

        1. Nothing else in the epg importer log?

          For the epg to work the source needs to be selected in epg importer & the tvg-id in the m3u needs to match the channel id in the xmltv epg feed.

          1. I think that is the problem. Only tvg-name is in the m3u file no tvg-id. Didn’t realise E2 used this one to pair with epg. tvg-name is matching epg

  63. with me the EPG program does not work, I did all as stated on this page but nothing EPG 0

    Vu+solo4k – Image: VTI_v13.0.2

  64. anyone know how to get subtitles to work on the stream. I was getting them now I dont. Was using script v0.7 on my duo2. But now does not come on?

  65. Plugin and EPG-importer works perfect on my Vu+solo2 and Vu+solo4k, but on an older vu+solo only the plugin works. When running manuel update on Epg everything freeze. Anyone got it to work on those older vu+ solo boxes ?

  66. Hi, I am using VU+ zero (tried with VU+ solo2 as well) with Blackhole 3.0.2 and have problems downloading the EPG from my provider. I have tried to use both the latest version of the script and the plugin, all with the outcome, imported 0 events. I have set the proper provider in the EPG importer and when verifying the channel id:s from the xml file, it matches the tvg-id name in the custom mapping file. See below:


    The logs say “Unknown channel: SVT1 SE”
    Did I miss something in the setup?

    1. new try of the mapping file example, since line is not visible

  67. The example got missing in the previous post :


  68. Hi team,

    Many thanks for the great work!

    I’m having difficulty setting up my second box. My first box was a breeze – FTP ipk file, run it through gui, reboot gui, configure. For some reason on box 2 after rebooting the gui the plugin is not available in the list of plugins. Has anyone had this issue before?

    Thanks in advance for any help

    1. UPDATE: Seems I was a little early asking for help! If you are experiencing the same issue, you may need to install EPG Importer plug in

      Blue button -> plugins -> Download Plugins -> Extensions -> epg import

  69. hi I’m using installer to get channels imported from PPVIPTV username password all correct but it creates no bouquets checked in log and it says error socket number

  70. sorry error in log says [Errno socket error] [Errono -2] name or service not known

  71. Is it possible to alter the script so as to always start the channels with 1:0:1: in the EPG channels xml file. When the plugin is used to change the bouquet channels to 4097 mode, it currently writes the EPG xml with 4097 as well – the EPG will not import like this.

    As an example, if a service is generated as:

    #SERVICE 4097:0:1:8511:0e81:cf7d:0:0:0:0:http%3a//

    Then the EPG entry becomes

    and EPG-Importer does not import it. However it is imported if the EPG entry is as below


  72. It doesn’t matter to Epg-Importer if the services start 4097 or 1. Although if you’ve switched you’re probably best to delete the epg (Setup -> EPG) before importing

    1. EPG-Importer does not import if the services start 4097 or even 5002 – log reports “Invalid serviceref string”

      1. Works fine here. I take it you’re using the serviceapp plugin? Epg doesn’t work with the serviceapp plugin

        1. EPG works fine with the serviceapp plugin, it just will NOT import using EPG-Importer if the serviceID begins with 4097 or 5002

          1. It’s a known issue with serviceapp. The epg will not work is you use serviceapp and change the service to 4097.

            Have you tried it without serviceapp?

            1. If I use a find and replace in the EPG channels file and change all the service ID’s from 4097 to 1, then the EPG loads fine. With the service ref beginning with 4097 or 5002, then the EPG import fails and the log says “Invalid serviceref string”. It makes no difference whatsoever if using serviceapp or not – if the EPG is not imported then it cannot be displayed, simple as that.

              Invalid serviceref string: 4097:0:1:9c46:3951:1c2e:0:0:0:0:http%3a//example.m3u8
              Invalid serviceref string: 4097:0:1:9c47:3951:1c2e:0:0:0:0:http%3a//example.m3u8
              Invalid serviceref string: 4097:0:1:9c48:3951:1c2e:0:0:0:0:http%3a//example.m3u8
              Invalid serviceref string: 4097:0:1:9c49:3951:1c2e:0:0:0:0:http%3a//example.m3u8
              Invalid serviceref string: 4097:0:1:9c4a:3951:1c2e:0:0:0:0:http%3a//example.m3u8

              If you can’t see EPG when using serviceapp, then update your image, that bug was fixed on OpenViX 5.1.014 and earlier in OpenATV

              1. Without serviceapp installed (or set to original player) Epg-Importer will import services starting 1 or 4097 without issue. So it’s only when using the exteplayer3 player that Epg-Importer fails to import services starting 4097

                However if the issue with displaying the epg when using the exteplayer3 player is fixed I can force the Epg Importer config to always use the the dvb stream type

                1. If you can force the EPG channels xml to use service type 1, then that will fix the problem. I have tried an experiment and removed serviceapp from my box, then created a test EPG channels xml with 10 services beginning 4097 and another 10 starting 5002 and run the EPG-Importer, it imported 0 services. I then changed the file so all 20 services began with 1 and ran the importer again, this time it imported over 1000 events.

                  1. It must be something specific to your box then.

                    We know for a fact that where serviceapp is not involved a number of people run the script with the 4097 stream type and have no epg issue (myself included)

                    I will force the epg config to use the 1 stream type in the next version as that will allow exteplayer3 to work.

                    1. It’s a strange one, I’ve just updated to the latest ViX release and checked I have the latest EPG-Import plugin and also tried on another box (Duo2) and it’s the same as on the Ultimo4K.

                      I do have another suggestion/request – make it possible to change the bouquet of a channel. eg if a channel is in say the “International” group, make it possible to put the channel in the “Sports” group using the sort-override xml

                    2. Epg Importer starts a fake recording to filter invalid service refs.

                      That’s why it doesn’t work when serviceapp is overriding the 4097 service as exteplayer3 has no recording support. You can see this in the channelFilter function of the EPG Importer source code

  73. Dougie,

    I have got around the above by doing the following:

    Adding a Variable:
    Adding this line under x[‘serviceRef’] = “{}:0:1:{}:0:0:0”.format(x[‘stream-type’], service_ref) (I use a heavily modified version of this and have changed all iptv to stream type allowing selection of 1, 4097, 5001 & 5002 )
    x[‘ST1serviceref’] = “1:0:1:{}:0:0:0”.format(service_ref) #modify line to assign data for suls_iptv_channels.xml

    and have changed this line to

    f.write(‘{}{}:http%3a//example.m3u8 \n’
    .format(indent, self.xml_escape(tvg_id.encode(‘utf-8’)), x[‘ST1serviceref’],
    self.xml_escape(self.get_service_title(x).encode(‘utf-8’)))) # changed line for modified service reference

    I hope this is some use to you and if i can be of any use in future do let me know

    1. Thanks. This has already been updated for 0.7.1 (not released yet) but can be got from

  74. Any chance we could add these to the overrride file please, so i can space the channels out to correctly match the official numbering
    #SERVICE 1:832:d:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:

  75. Thanks, DougMac
    yours as I suspect is a much better way of doing it,

    I have also allowed changes from within the plugin and command line to the service reference using the following code:

    I have made changes to accept the service reference to be parsed on the command line -st= then you can put 1, 4097, 5001, 5002 in there and it automatically changes it, mine comes from a modified version of the plugin
    Obviously mine is a hatchet job yours would probably be a much more intelligent method.


    global player # import new global player ST1
    args = parser.parse_args()
    m3uurl = args.m3uurl
    epgurl = args.epgurl
    player = args.player # added argument for Player #ST1
    uninstall = args.uninstall
    multivod = args.multivod
    allbouquet = args.allbouquet
    bouquet_url = args.bouqueturl
    bouquet_download = args.bouquetdownload
    picons = args.picons
    iconpath = args.iconpath
    xcludesref = args.xcludesref
    bouquettop = args.bouquettop
    provider = args.providername
    username = args.username
    password = args.password

    And it replaces this line
    categoryorder, category_options, dictchannels = e2m3uSetup.parse_m3u(m3ufile, iptvtypes, panel_bouquet,


    categoryorder, category_options, dictchannels = e2m3uSetup.parse_m3u(m3ufile, player, panel_bouquet, # changed to player ST1

    and then modified this:
    if (channeldict[‘stream-url’].endswith(‘.ts’) or channeldict[‘stream-url’].endswith(‘.m3u8’)) \
    and not channeldict[‘group-title’].startswith(‘VOD’):
    channeldict[‘stream-type’] = ‘4097’ if all_iptv_stream_types else ‘1’
    channeldict[‘group-title’] = u”VOD – {}”.format(channeldict[‘group-title’])
    channeldict[‘stream-type’] = “4097”

    to accept these new options as below:

    “””Set the stream types and VOD categories
    if (channeldict[‘stream-url’].endswith(‘.ts’) or channeldict[‘stream-url’].endswith(‘.m3u8’)) \
    and not channeldict[‘group-title’].startswith(‘VOD’):
    channeldict[‘stream-type’] = “{}”.format(player) # Input imported service type i.e 1, 4097, 5001, 5002 ST1
    channeldict[‘group-title’] = u”VOD – {}”.format(channeldict[‘group-title’])
    channeldict[‘stream-type’] = “4097”

    Next step would be a similar set of code to replace the 4097 in vod with a user selected item

    1. This will be added to the upcoming 0.7.1 release

  76. Install this today. All channels coming in but no EPG data.
    EPG url is correct, as data in browser. I can see provider in EPG-Importer but when importing 0 items importe

    I’ve tried via the plugin and via script both don’t see to show epg data

    1. Are you using service app?

      1. No, not that I’m aware of.

        1. What does the Epg Importer log say?

          (Menu key from the Epg Importer plugin screen)

          1. [EPGImport] imported 0 events
            [EPGImport] Save last import date and count event
            [EPGImport] Run check deep standby after import
            [EPGImport] #### Finished ####

            1. Have you selected the source in Epg Importer?

              1. Yes I can see the extra sections, they are ticked and saved.

                1. You would usually see more in the Epg Importer log i.e. it would say what source and url is being downloaded

                  Without being able to test it here there’s not a lot more we can suggest.

                  1. I’ll give that a go – thinks for tip.

                    top fo the log is this showing the sources, you can see it says IPTV – Movies, IPTV- Canda etc.

                    [EPGImport] Selected sources: [‘AFN (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FTA (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – English’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sky 1 (Live on sat) (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FreeSat (xz)’, ‘Rytec IPTV XMLTV (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – EPL Events’, ‘UK/Ireland – International (xz)’, ‘Miscellaneous XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sports/Movies (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Sports’, ‘ IPTV – Canada’, ‘FAB’, ‘ IPTV – United States – Regionals’, ‘News Channels (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Movies’]
                    sourcesDone(): True [‘AFN (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FTA (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – English’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sky 1 (Live on sat) (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FreeSat (xz)’, ‘Rytec IPTV XMLTV (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – EPL Events’, ‘UK/Ireland – International (xz)’, ‘Miscellaneous XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sports/Movies (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Sports’, ‘ IPTV – Canada’, ‘FAB’, ‘ IPTV – United States – Regionals’, ‘News Channels (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Movies’]
                    [EPGImport] Selected sources: [‘AFN (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FTA (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sky 1 (Live on sat) (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FreeSat (xz)’, ‘Rytec IPTV XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – International (xz)’, ‘Miscellaneous XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sports/Movies (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Sports’, ‘News Channels (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Movies’]
                    sourcesDone(): True [‘AFN (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FTA (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sky 1 (Live on sat) (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FreeSat (xz)’, ‘Rytec IPTV XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – International (xz)’, ‘Miscellaneous XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sports/Movies (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Sports’, ‘News Channels (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Movies’]
                    [EPGImport] Selected source: [‘ IPTV – Sports’]
                    sourcesDone(): False None
                    [EPGImport] nextImport, source= IPTV – Sports

                  2. Tried in Kodi, all good, channels and EPG.

                    I’m running OpenATV 6.2 on Gigablue 4k

                    epgimport log shows its trying to pull in the IPTV channels

                    [EPGImport] Selected sources: [‘AFN (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FTA (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – English’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sky 1 (Live on sat) (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FreeSat (xz)’, ‘Rytec IPTV XMLTV (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – EPL Events’, ‘UK/Ireland – International (xz)’, ‘Miscellaneous XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sports/Movies (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Sports’, ‘ IPTV – Canada’, ‘FAB’, ‘ IPTV – United States – Regionals’, ‘News Channels (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Movies’]
                    sourcesDone(): True [‘AFN (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FTA (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – English’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sky 1 (Live on sat) (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FreeSat (xz)’, ‘Rytec IPTV XMLTV (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – EPL Events’, ‘UK/Ireland – International (xz)’, ‘Miscellaneous XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sports/Movies (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Sports’, ‘ IPTV – Canada’, ‘FAB’, ‘ IPTV – United States – Regionals’, ‘News Channels (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Movies’]
                    [EPGImport] Selected sources: [‘AFN (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FTA (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sky 1 (Live on sat) (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FreeSat (xz)’, ‘Rytec IPTV XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – International (xz)’, ‘Miscellaneous XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sports/Movies (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Sports’, ‘News Channels (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Movies’]
                    sourcesDone(): True [‘AFN (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FTA (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sky 1 (Live on sat) (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – FreeSat (xz)’, ‘Rytec IPTV XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – International (xz)’, ‘Miscellaneous XMLTV (xz)’, ‘UK/Ireland – Sports/Movies (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Sports’, ‘News Channels (xz)’, ‘ IPTV – Movies’]
                    [EPGImport] Selected source: [‘ IPTV – Sports’]
                    sourcesDone(): False None
                    [EPGImport] nextImport, source= IPTV – Sports

          2. I’ve tried from command line with my providers details and my username and password. Bouquets created, another e2m3u2bouquet section added to epg-importer, items ticked and save but still 0 events imported.

            python -m “” -e “”

            when I put EPG url in a browser I see the XML data so not sure why its not getting imported.

            1. Have you confirmed the epg data is valid i.e. by trying your details in the Kodi IPTV simple client or similar?

              Or if you can upload it somewhere and email us the link we’ll have a look

              1. I’ve accidentally replied to your earlier post.

                Kodi all good. See epgimport log

                1. How many sources have you got enabled in epg importer? It should just be the single source under ‘IPTV Bouquet Maker – E2m3u2bouquet’. Try deleting the existing epg (Setup -> EPG -> Load-save-delete), reboot the box, select only the one source in epg importer and try again.

                  Looks like you are using FAB, we can confirm that the FAB epg works fine.

                  1. Unticked all sources
                    Deleted EPG
                    Ran from command line
                    Ticked 1 source in EPG imported – IPTV -Canada
                    Ran manual import
                    0 items

                    Also noticed the FAB list in the EPG is not complete compared to the bouquets listed, only 15 IPTV – items listed. The list stops as IPTV- Ireland
                    Also has an item:
                    IPTV – tvg-logo=

                    EPGImport] Selected sources: [‘ IPTV – Canada’]
                    sourcesDone(): True [‘ IPTV – Canada’]
                    [EPGImport] WakeUpTime now set to 1519575336 (now=1519553959)
                    [EPGImport] nextImport, source= IPTV – Canada
                    [EPGImport] Downloading: to local path: /tmp/epgimport.gz
                    [EPGImport] No IPv6, using IPv4 directly:
                    [EPGImport] download failed: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): : 404 Not Found
                    [EPGImport] Attempting alternative URL
                    [EPGImport] Downloading: to local path: /tmp/epgimport.gz
                    [EPGImport] Trying IPv6 first: http://[2001:41d0:1008:18c6::10:10]/rytecxmltv-UK.gz
                    [EPGImport] IPv6 download failed, falling back to IPv4:
                    [EPGImport] download failed: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): : 404 Not Found
                    [EPGImport] Attempting alternative URL
                    [EPGImport] Downloading: to local path: /tmp/epgimport.gz
                    [EPGImport] No IPv6, using IPv4 directly:
                    [EPGImport] download failed: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): : User timeout caused connection failure.
                    [EPGImport] Attempting alternative URL
                    [EPGImport] Downloading: to local path: /tmp/epgimport.gz
                    [EPGImport] No IPv6, using IPv4 directly:
                    [EPGImport] download failed: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): : 404 Not Found
                    [EPGImport] Attempting alternative URL
                    [EPGImport] Downloading: to local path: /tmp/epgimport.gz
                    [EPGImport] No IPv6, using IPv4 directly:
                    [EPGImport] download failed: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): : 404 Not Found
                    [EPGImport] imported 0 events
                    [EPGImport] Save last import date and count event
                    [EPGImport] Run check deep standby after import
                    [EPGImport] #### Finished ####

                    1. This got caught up in our spam filter.

                      You still don’t appear to be selecting the correct source in Epg Importer. You should not be selecting ‘IPTV – Canada’ it should be the source under ‘IPTV Bouquet Maker – E2m3u2bouquet’ which if you are running with ‘FAB’ as a named provider will be ‘FAB’ otherwise it will be ‘E2m3u2bouquet’

  77. Deleted everything started again

    Still no epg for IPTV

    1. If you clear the the epg importer log then start a new import what does the log show? It should show it attempting to download from the epg url

      Is you username and password all alphanumeric characters or does it contain special characters e.g “, &, #, ‘, %, ?, @

  78. I’ve tried the new 0.7.1 config based and noticed that when defining the user/pass in the separate section that the provider name must exactly match your database. ie if you have rapidiptv named rapid iptv, then it fails. It also will not allow an unsupported provider even if it follows the standard protocol. It’s not a problem as it can be worked around by including user and pass in the full url but it may be a good idea to put that in the notes as some people may not realise what’s happening

    1. Thanks for testing. I take it this is the 0.7.1 plugin beta? If so was it the beta-3 plugin?

      There’s no restriction to provider names in the plugin. It could be the migration process has got itself in a loop (if you were using a previous version of the plugin it will attempt to migrate the settings to config file based set-up if no config file exists)

      If you find any other issues with the unreleased plugin version it would assist us if you could open an issue on the github page. Thanks

      Edit: If it was the script then when using config based setup you shouldn’t be passing any command line parameters

      1. I was using the in /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet rather than the new full plugin. I will give the new plugin a try later.

        1. OK, same issue with the plugin and also found an Enigma2 crash when an empty M3U is returned. I’ve posted in the Github

  79. Any chance of being able to add a few more of these to space out the channels in the override file,
    #SERVICE 1:832:d:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:

    i did ask a while ago but didn’t really get an answer weather it would be considered and implemented.

    great work by the way guys

    1. We’ve yet to consider the feature request

  80. Would be nice if we could have an option to use the buffer feature to make streams more stable.
    When using 4097 stream type you can use this

    4097:0:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:URL:NAME (no buffering)
    4097:0:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:1:URL:NAME (buffering enabled)
    4097:0:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:3:URL:NAME (progressive download and buffering enabled)

    If you change number to 1 before URL it will buffer more.
    Users maybe not have any issues and want faster channel changes so an option to set Buffer ON or OFF would be the best.

    1. You could set this in the override file if you wanted.

      1. You mean i need to do that override for a few thousans of channels?
        A setting for that would be easier for people.

        1. You can do a quick search & replacing within the file. I’ve not seen reports of the setting making much difference, if there was then, yes, we would consider adding it as an option

          1. It’s a strange one. We’ve not other reports of the same issue so maybe something specific to your provider we are not accounting for.

            Did you try using the script (not the plugin), that may give a better error message.

            The only other thing I can suggest if that you send us a copy of your m3u playlist (do a search & replace within the file to replace your username & password) and we’ll see if we can replicate the issue. Although due to to other commitments it would be next week before I could check it.

          2. Not everyone is able to do that.
            I know that because i am helping a lot of people with the most simple things.
            For me personally it’s no problem to fix that in script or with a simple sed command.
            And yes bigger bugger makes a lot of difference for people with buffering issues.

            1. Another thing that would help people is a check for missing python modules.
              That step is hard for a lot of people too.

  81. Using the 7.1 plugin 1 provider works fine. When I add a second provider the box locks up and need to power off at mains. Any idea what the problem would be?

    1. Are you able to enable the enigma2 debug logs (Setup -> System -> Log settings). Then email us the crash log (should be in /home/root/logs)?

      1. The box doesn’t actually crash what happens is if I run the scan with 1 provider it completes in seconds. If I then add a second provider I get to the point where it says the can take several minutes to complete are you sure to continue. Then when I click yes that message just stays on screen and the TV will keep playing in background but unable to do anything and need to power off after so long. Will the logs still catch this?

  82. Does the second provider work on it’s own? Could be it’s timing out waiting for the M3U download, I’ve seen that a few times. Also, how long are you leaving it to complete, on a slow box, I’ve seen it take 10 minutes for a single provider.

  83. Sent a log using the contact form on site. Box shouldn’t have much trouble when doing one provider it only take a few seconds. I’ve tried the second provider on its own now and it’s still locking on that screen. I had no problem using this provider on the old script.

  84. Sounds like there may be a problem with that second provider. Can you download the M3U file direct using your browser? I sometimes get the same issue with Rapid IPTV, sometimes the download hangs, sometimes it can take a few minutes for it to download, it should be instant.

    1. Yes it’s downloading no problem in url. I’ve left it for 30mins but box still needs powered off to reset.

  85. Have you tried entering the user/pass in the full URL link in the config file and leaving the separate User/Pass fields empty

    1. Yes that’s how I’m doing it. Have another box in bedroom may try that tomorrow to see if it’s any different.

      1. Just an update on this. The issue was a seriously screwed up provider’s m3u playlist (e.g. logo URLs pointing to stream URLs instead of images). The next release will include extra checking & workarounds for this edge case.

  86. Erling Fast

    Wich providers are now supported?

    1. All providers that supply an extended m3u playlist and xmltv epg feed are supported

      1. Erling Fast

        Do you know if GENIPTV is supported?

        1. No reason why it wouldn’t as long as it has an extended m3u playlist and xmltv epg feed.

          1. Erling Fast

            Thanks, I tested GENIPTV and it worked.

  87. Hi, any ideas what would cause EPG data to not fully populate. Log says its created 3000 entries. Where it should be around 14000. EPG works fine on other devices. Its a fresh install and on latest build but started happening about 5 weeks ago on 0.6.3. I was hoping a fresh install and latest build would fix it.

    1. Do the missing events have empty descriptions (i.e. set to <desc/>) if so enigma2 will ignore them

      1. Looks like thats the problem Doug. Is there a work around? Be easier than nagging my supplier.

        1. There’s no work around in the script

          1. Is there anything i can change in the enigma2 files?

            1. Not that I know of

  88. Erling Fast

    Is it possible to select epg only for some contries?

    1. No, but you can disable channels or categories using the override file.

      1. Erling Fast

        Could you please explain how to disable channels or categories using the override file.

        1. See the custom sorting part on the script homepage

          1. Erling Fast

            I am running the plugin and script v0.6.3. I have changed the e2m3u2bouquet-sort-current.xml in notepad++ and renamed it to e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override.xml. Ftp it back to my VU+. I do not understand what do do after that. I tried to run the plugin again but that did not work. I think I have run some scrip to make the changes of bouquets in the Vu+ box ?? Shall I have both files current and override in the mapp e2m3u2bouquet ?

            1. You just need to make the changes required in e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override.xml ftp it back to ‘/etc/etc/e2m3u2bouquet’ then do a manual run in the plugin. When the plugin runs it will use the options in the override file and create a new ‘current’ file which will include what’s been set in the override file

  89. Erling Fast

    I ftp the “e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override.xml” to /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet. Did a manual run in the plugin which created a new map “e2m3u2bouquet” in /etc/enigma2 but it did not create a new “current” file. The plugin keep running so I have to power of the box.

  90. Not sure what you mean by ‘created a new map “e2m3u2bouquet” in /etc/enigma2’ the plugin should only create bouquets in /etc/enigma2. It’s likely there’s an error in your override file – you can check the override file xml is valid by using a service like

    1. If you run the e2m3u2bouquet from the command line, it will show you any errors

      1. Erling Fast

        I am not sure what you mean. The plugin and script v0.6.3 with the fie “e2m3u2bouquet-sort-current.xml” is working.
        Shall I run the file “e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override.xml” from the command line? please advice.

    2. Erling Fast

      The “e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override.xml” is placed in a map called “e2m3u2bouquet” wich is placed in /etc/enigma2/ not in ‘/etc/etc/e2m3u2bouquet’ like you wrote above.
      I checked that the override file and it was OK.

      1. The plugin/script creates the enigma2 bouquets in ‘/etc/enigma2/’ the config directory is ‘/etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/’. If you try it without the override file does it create a new ‘current’ file – if so there’s something wrong with your override file.

        Ian is suggesting you run the python script version (you’ll need to download it) as it will pickup the same config and should output any errors.

        1. Erling Fast

          Without override file it creates a new current file. In notepad++ I changed “” “true” to “false” like this “. Renamed the file to “e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override.xml” and ftp it back to /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/. What I understand it should now create a new current file and “Arab Countries” should not be inte IPTV bouquet. Something it is wrong the script does not stop running I have to power off the box.

          1. Have you tried it in the latest version v0.7.3? N.B. As noted here by Ewok – in v0.7 and above the current & ovverride files have the provider name in them (so that they support multiple providers)

            1. Erling Fast

              Now I have tried everything even latest version v0.7.3. When I run the script edited in notepad++ override file the box is hanging. When I delete the override file and run the script it creates a new current file. Something must be wrong in the override file when I edit it but I do not understand what. I have now tested on a vu+ zero and vu+ solo2. For the moment I give up now-

              1. Erling Fast

                At last now it is working. I used another xmi editor (XML Copy Editor) to change the order of countries. I set “enable=false” on all countries in categories did not want and changed the order of countries wich had “enable=true”. The script ran about 15 min. First I tested to delete countries I did not want but then the script ran 40 min
                and the countries I deleted where in the end of the bouquet list.

  91. just upgraded my plugin from 0.6.3 to 0.7.3 and can’t seem to get the override working. I had a file set up to change the order of some bouquets and remove some that I don’t need but this is having no effect in the new version. I have the plugin in expert mode and set override service refs to enabled and ran it again but nothing changed. Has the override filename or location changed? I still have my original “e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override.xml” and “e2m3u2bouquet-sort-current.xml” files in the /e2m3u2bouquet folder. the sort-current file is being updated when I run the plugin but the override file is having no effect.

    1. Aha fixed it, spotted a new sort-current file that started with my provider name so i re-named my override file to add provider name at the start and its working now.

  92. I would be very grateful for your help please.
    We use an openpli 4 image on an Xtrend 9200 receiver.
    The problem we are having is after installing the plugin: enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.6.3_all.ipk

    we get the following message appear and the plugin is not installed:

    Some plugins are not available: Extensions/E2m3u2bouquet (init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘context’

    I have checked and the image has using python 2.7.3.
    Please can someone who is more experienced help or offer any advise to enable us to successfully install this plugin
    as it is very frustrating not being able to use it.

    Thank you all for your help.

  93. Can someone please provide any help?

    Since my last message i have uninstalled the version 0.6.3 which we cannot install due to the error message and
    have installed the 0.7.2 version. The problem is i don’t know how to add a config.xml file and there isn’t one to be found
    from what i can see. I am unable to add or select a provider because of this. It looks more difficult to use these latest versions
    unfortunately and it would be very much appreciated if anybody was able to help.

    1. Just enter your channel and epg urls in the plugin via the remote, you don’t have to edit the config file

      1. Thank you for the help.
        When i try doing that i am unable to save using the green button on the remote because i am unable to’select’ the tick box so nothing is saved.
        When i come out of the plugin and then go back into it there is no data saved at all.
        Any idea what could be wrong?
        Thanks again for your help.

  94. the channels have disappeared, just get the message no data transponder, can anyone help

    1. That’s likely an issue with your provider. Have you tried viewing one of the channels on different device (e.g VLC on a PC)

  95. Chib Mbaekube

    Hi I get 0 events. I have followed all the steps and no luck. Any ideas of what I can do to resolve this ?

    1. Does you epg url download a .gz or .xz file? You can test this by trying the url in a browser

      1. No It doesn’t. Chrome/Firefox downloads text in xml format

        1. Any ideas?

  96. Djones6969

    Ok so I have managed to get the plugin installed using
    wget -O /tmp/config.xml “” && sed -i ‘s/uuuuu/ username’/g /tmp/config.xml && sed -i ‘s/ppppp/ password’/g /tmp/config.xml && opkg install –force-reinstall “” && reboot see

    My question is once that is installed I have to manually edit the config how would I be able to use SSH to auto input the config details I’m new to all his thanks for any help

    1. I take it your are a provider (or managing multiple boxes) and are following the ‘Provider Managed Updates’ post?

      The config.xml that you store on a website (e.g. Dropbox) should have the server Urls and the install command above will replace the username (uuuuu) and password (ppppp) placeholders so there shouldn’t be anything left to edit.

      N.B. The custom config will only be used if a config file doesn’t already exist in /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/

      1. djones6969

        Thanks for the reply so i just edit the above uuuuu and ppppp and put password and user name

  97. djones6969

    Ignore me sussed it thanks fot your help

  98. Hi, similar to recent post, I’m getting 0 events & epg url downloads .xml, M3u works perfectly just blank EPG.
    Using 0.7.3 on ATV 6.1, any ideas?

    1. What does your epg importer log say (press Menu within epg importer)

      1. I still have the same issue and it hasnt been resolved. I have done everything possible, plug in, config.xml and I kept getting serviceref not found in bouquet error when trying in epgimport logs.

        I noticed in the userbouquet files it had http%3A

        and in the channels.xml for epgimport and that had http%3a

        I changed the config in the later file from %3a to %3A and the serviceREF error has stopped occuring during epg import

        but i still get 0 events imported

        1. http%3A or http%3a has no relevance. It sounds like you’ve enabled the ‘Load EPG only services in bouquets’ option in Epg Importer

          1. Hi DougMac, Yes you were right that solved the problem. I disabled l”oad epg only services in bouquet option” and it now works

      2. DougMac
        7th April 2018 at 10:29 am
        What does your epg importer log say (press Menu within epg importer)

        [EPGImport] Selected source: [‘XXX’]
        sourcesDone(): False None
        [EPGImport] nextImport, source= XXX
        [EPGImport] Downloading: http://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/p2.xml?username=XXXXX&password=XXXXX to local path: /tmp/epgimport
        [EPGImport] No IPv6, using IPv4 directly: http://XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/p2.xml?username=XXXXX&password=XXXXX
        [EPGImport] afterDownload /tmp/epgimport
        [EPGImport] unlink /tmp/epgimport
        [EPGImport] afterChannelDownload None
        [EPGImport] Using twisted thread
        [XMLTVConverter] Enumerating event information
        [EPGImport] ### thread is ready ### Events: 0
        [EPGImport] imported 0 events
        [EPGImport] Save last import date and count event
        [EPGImport] Run check deep standby after import
        [EPGImport] #### Finished ####

        1. There’s no obvious config issue there. Without seeing the playlist and epg feed I would suspect it to be a provider data issue i.e. the epg ids don’t match the playlist or the epg feed is out of date etc…

        2. I assume that’s Vaders? If so, then I don’t use the username or password, just the address usually works although currently there is no reply from their server, so that’s likely your problem right now.

          You can check by pasting the link into a web browser, if nothing downloads, then the link is down.

          1. Had already tried using username & password in address, just tried again on config file but still 0 events even though same address in browser downloads immediately up to date xml?
            I was getting EPG no problem using 0.7.3 in OpenVIX, but due to some other issues I flashed to OpenATV 6.1 & since then I’ve never had EPG although streams are much smoother, so maybe an issue with image?

            1. I’m using just –

              I’m not getting a download on Firefox on a UK ISP but do get a download using Chrome with a VPN through the USA, so can’t tell if it’s fully functional or not right now. My box image is OpenViX, not tried ATV. My EPGimport is showing as 1.0+git172

              1. Just using the address part in chrome still downloads it for me with no problem, but still nothing on box. I have the same version of EPGimport too. Interestingly, when I edited E2m3u2bouquet EPG address, the box crashed (hard to make sense of the very large log file) so did it via config file.
                Frustrating thing is no one else in IPTV support group are having this problem?

            2. I’m running OpenATV 6.1 without issue (different provider). More likely to be a provider rather than image issue

  99. Hi all been using sulls now for a while and I have just discovered a new issue. All bouquets update their epg except one, Sports Corner. only started around a week ago as its still displaying the last ODI NZ V Eng. Any ideas appreciated.

    1. It’s likely to be an issue with your providers data then.

      The name ‘Sports Corner’ suggests that the services are constantly changing so you need to make sure that you are running the script/plugin on a schedule to keep the services up-to-date.

    2. If it’s the same server that I use, then that’s exactly what DougMac says. They don’t have any EPG just change the channel name 2-3 times a Day

      1. Hi both yes they do change the channel name, but mine will not update, any tips as to how to achieve this as it always used to work and I have not made any changes?


  100. Check your log to ensure that you’re downloading the M3U file. If you’re not downloading then it will stay the same. Mine has updated sports corner in the last Hour.

  101. Firstly let me say thank you for a wonderful script, so easy to set up, I was just wondering is there any way for me to to change my epg using your script, My epg has been out by one hour since daylight saving time. I have tried adding the url of my epg and the tvg-shift tag to my M3U file but its still off. My supplier is not much help as they are mainly supporting android apps which have a timeshift option built in.

    1. I don’t know of any way to pass the tvg-shift value to Epg Importer. Although not ideal you could change the timezone on the box to match the epg

      1. Cheers, I have tried that but was hoping to get it done correctly, if it can’t be done I guess I’ll have to put it with it. I will go back to my supplier and try to get them to fix epg from there side. Thanks again for your reply

  102. On zgemma H7c. I create a basic provider entry. Then edit the config file using Filezilla/notepad++ to connect to the box. Every time the provider is deleted on the zgemma. The config file is still on there. I tried editing the file on the box on Filezilla and also editing the file off box and uploading. Permissions set to 777. Same thing every time

    What am I doing wrong?

    1. It sounds like you’re corrupting the config file when editing it.

      You can check the xml in the config file is valid at a site like

  103. Hi
    What happened to my help post?

  104. Hi, I’ll try again
    Box: Vu+ Duo²
    Firmware version: OpenViX 5.1.002 (2017-11-13)

    I’m having trouble adding a second supplier. works fine with one supplier. Am I putting it in the right place?
    I tried and got an error, no matter what i do, it always an error.

    An error has been found!

    Click on to jump to the error. In the document, you can point at with your mouse to see the error message.
    Errors in the XML document:
    49: 3 The element type “supplier” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “”.

  105. It wont let me post the xml text, maybe to much text?

    1. It was likely blocked by the spam filter. Think you fixed the issue anyway each supplier needs to have their info is a separate supplier element

  106. yep, seems fixed thanks

  107. I have edited the bouquets in dreamset to get the layout i like. Is there anyway when i update the m3u through this to keep my layout and just update the list inside?

    1. If you want to change to order you would use the override file otherwise the order in the m3u file will be used.

  108. Hi, I’ve been using this excellent script for almost a year now, recently updated to the most recent version, and am using the config file to manage two IPTV providers.

    However since updating, every time the script runs it seems to mess up the order of bouquets in, thus meaning the original “all channels” bouquet isn’t at the top any more, so pressing “101” isn’t BBC1 any more etc.

    I have both providers set to put new bouquets at the end, so not sure why it is affecting the original DVB bouquets.

    Any help appreciated!

    1. Are you on v0.7.4?

      If you’re using Auto Bouquets Maker make sure it set to place DVB bouquets at top.

  109. Using zgemma h7c

    I have added a 2nd provider to config file. I checked the XML against and no errors. Permissions set to 777. The URLs/User/Passwords all look correct

    Now when I run IPTV Bouquet Maker on box it just locks up the box

    Any ideas what might be wrong?

    1. What version of the plugin are you running? Have you enabled the picon download option?

      I’ve seen this happen when the picon image urls point to streams but v0.7.4 should have extra checking to prevent that being an issue.

      1. Thank you. It was exactly that. I disabled the picon option and now it works. But I do have 0.7.4 though so maybe the extra check doesn’t work. I don’t know if my provider actually has picons so maybe my mistake

  110. hi all i have everything installed and epg importer set up but it only generates some of the epg not all

    any help would be great


    1. It’s likely the ids don’t match or the epg events have empty descriptions.

  111. I gave up a few months ago on EPG data, just looking again. Still get 0 items imported, same as Chibs posted.

  112. If you download the EPG from your web browser do you see any events? In EPGImporter settings, do you have Load EPG only services in bouquets set to NO

    1. Yes, I see info in browser

      I changed that setting and now I see items being imported in epgimporter and in the log but not actually showing in the EPG.

  113. my epg import log when just trying from my provider. I can view this data in chrome.

    [EPGImport] Selected source: [‘IPTV’]
    sourcesDone(): False None
    [EPGImport] nextImport, source= IPTV
    [EPGImport] Downloading: to local path: /tmp/epgimport
    [EPGImport] No IPv6, using IPv4 directly:
    [EPGImport] afterDownload /tmp/epgimport
    [EPGImport] unlink /tmp/epgimport
    [EPGImport] afterChannelDownload None
    [EPGImport] Using twisted thread
    [XMLTVConverter] Enumerating event information
    [EPGImport] ### thread is ready ### Events: 0
    [EPGImport] imported 0 events
    [EPGImport] Save last import date and count event
    [EPGImport] Run check deep standby after import
    [EPGImport] #### Finished ####

  114. Not an issue but a suggestion. Add a picon destination for /media/mmc/picon as most ZGemma boxes and some others have the MMC slot and many users will store picons on the mmc

    1. I’ll add this as well as /media/cf/picon/ to the next version.

  115. minesh patel

    Hi there i have installed the plugin (lastest version) on vu duo 2 blackhole 3.0.5
    i run the plugin and channels download but when i go to a channel the picture is blank and no sound?????
    Any help would be great
    thanks mintosh72

    1. Could be that your box doesn’t support the providers streams?

  116. I’m having trouble getting a new current file. I have edited it with Notepad ++ and XML Copy Editor, but only the old file will be back. I have deleted the e2m3u2bouquet folder in etc / enigma2 and also uninstalled e2m3u2bouquetmaker v0.7.5 from my Vu box, but my old current file will be back.

    1. Has found a solution to my question. When I add UK as a bouquet, it also creates one with Pakistan. When I download the file with Firefox, I see that the file contains a string to Geo News PK. Attachment from clipboard

      #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”GOLD UK” tvg-name=”GOLD UK” tvg-logo=”; group-title=”United Kingdom”,GOLD UK
      #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”” tvg-name=”Geo News PK” tvg-logo=”; group-title=”Pakistan”,Geo News PK
      #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”Good Food UK” tvg-name=”Good Food UK” tvg-logo=”; group-title=”United Kingdom”,Good Food UK

    2. The ‘current’ file is generated every time the script / plugin runs. if you have an ‘override’ file then it will be applied before the new ‘current’ file is generated

  117. Has found a solution to my question. When I add UK as a bouquet, it also creates one with Pakistan. When I download the file with Firefox, I see that the file contains a string to Geo News PK. Attachment from clipboard

    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”GOLD UK” tvg-name=”GOLD UK” tvg-logo=”” group-title=”United Kingdom”,GOLD UK
    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”” tvg-name=”Geo News PK” tvg-logo=”” group-title=”Pakistan”,Geo News PK
    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”Good Food UK” tvg-name=”Good Food UK” tvg-logo=”” group-title=”United Kingdom”,Good Food UK

  118. Can you please help me?
    I have an OpenPli image and I have installed version 0.6.3 as it is a whole lot easier for us to use.
    The plugin installs successfully. After selecting the provider and entering the username and password
    and select ‘Run’ to update channels – nothing happens at all. No channels/bouquets are added.
    It works perfectly using OpenVix. Can anybody help please? Many thanks.

  119. clearly a waste of time.

    1. Yeah, using an old unsupported version is clearly a waste of everyone’s time.

  120. Eric Gibson

    This works but only downloads half of the bouquets. Any clue?

    ./ -n Vision -m “”

    1. It sounds like something in the m3u file is stopping it. We could have a look if you download your m3u file and send it on to us (replace your account details with dummy values)

  121. Kevin Eaton

    Having problems getting override file to work. I’m sure in previous versions it was override-sort-current.xml but reading around looks like it’s changed to override.xml but even when I have an override.xml file in place, nothing is actually overwritten as I disabled some channels and ever used override name for each bouquet section and it hasn’t changed from default.

  122. Kevin Eaton

    Please ignore above, my mistake. I had filename wrong.

  123. I have two m3u urls they are both from the same provider.

    They are both in the format of http://provider_url/get.php?username=YOURUSERNAME&password=YOURPASSWORD&type=m3u_plus&output=ts

    One of them runs in this plugin with no issue

    The second one returns an error when I hit run, the logs show callback error, utf8 codec cant decode byte….

    Can anyone help.

  124. Having trouble with the epg from wsspremium. The xmltv file downloads fine, but no epg is ever shown (except for 3 channels). Opened the file in a text editor and it looks like after every title it has “(?)” and this seems to be causing the epg not to display at all. There were 3 channels where the epg displayed ok and all 3 did not have that (?) after the title. Providers script shows the epg ok, as does things like perfectplayer. No such issue on ANY other provider so no idea whats going on. I am assuming that epg importer simply cannot cope with the odd (?) characters at the end of every title and ends up ignoring them completely or something is going on with the suls plugin that might be causing it but it sems to work fine for all the others i tried.

  125. Dennis Smith

    I am using the 0.6.3 script and have a the bouquets correctly and all channels work. Running epg importer shows that it has imported the epg data 22000 items, but nothing is showing up in the channel lists. The epg log also shows the same number of events.
    Can you give me a pointer as to what the problem could be?

    1. Dennis Smith

      Sorted. upgraded to latest script

  126. Mehdi Shirazi

    Can anyone help me please. Ive managed to install everything correctly and managed to download more than 8000 events but i cant still se any epg on the channels. Looking at the log I get “unknown channel” on every channels. Im I doing anything wrong and how can I correct it?

    1. Try this, you’ll need to change to suit your script.

      ./ -M -m “” –epgurl “” -P

  127. Hi, I’m only getting a handful of picons downloaded, can anyone help?

  128. My head is battered reading all these issues… I don’t think i’m going to attempt it yet, through fear of fu*cking up my perfectly working auto updating system. I can handle my bouquets having e2m3u2bouquet at the start, obviously I’d love to change this but reading all these issues I’ll wait till a simpler/idiots guide has been drafted that I can understand.
    Keep up the good work tho guys, going from strength to strength 🙂

    1. You using the script or the plugin, and what version?

      1. I’m using script and until today was working perfectly, now I cant get epg to import. Bouquets run and parse but getting 0 events when running epg importer. tried removing it and re-installed as I did previously, which worked a treat now nothing…

          1. Sounds like there is some bad data in the one that is failing

            1. Yes thats what I’m thinking,but finding it is doing my nut in.I have the same data running on a zgemma upstairs and that is working fine. When I setup my Vu+duo with the same script set up, which was previously working no probs, the epg import fails and there doesn’t seem to be anything different to the zgemma other than obviously user names and passwords. I’ve tried re-flashing the box and re-installed everything from scratch, and sill not working, I’ve also tried the plugin rather than script and get the same outcome, bouquets with no epg.
              Really struggling with this one!!

              1. If the e2m3u script / plugin is the same on both boxes the difference has to be the version of EPG importer or the data returned by the two different subscriptions? Do the subs work reversed on the boxes ?

                1. Been on it all day today too, I was heading that way thinking the epg importer was the issue. Thats a good shout swapping the subs i’ll have a go at that.

                  so today I’ve been comparing file to file, data to data on each box and I’ve found an anomaly in file e2m3u2bouquet-sort-current.xml

                  So I picked TSN 1 as the example on the zgemma which is working and returns tvg-id=”” and on the vu+duo which doesnt work the same channel returns tvg-id=”3866″

                  This maybe the issues I’m not sure!! Do you know what is causing my vu+duo to not add tvg-id=”” ?? and use tvg-id=”3866″ ??

                  Thanks for the replies Suls its much appreciated.

                  Below is compares:

                  clearStreamUrl=”false” />

                  <channel name="Sports | TSN 1" nameOverride="" tvg-id="" enabled="true" category="Sports | Worldwide"

                  1. The tvg id is what the epg matches on, it should match between the m3u file and epg xml file for each channel… I’d swop the subs around, sounds like the second one isn’t right to me

  129. hi im not big on coding but am a bit technical. setting this up for the first time. Can anyone tell me how i can open the .py file so i can edit the username and password, i tried changing extension to txt then open in notepad but it not easy to read. thanks

    1. Why not use the plugin?

  130. is the plugin the ipk file and once used do i simply load the plugin and enter my provider URL username and password?. i have a zgemma and open atv. do i also need to install a IPTV player? Thanks in advance

    1. Yes, have a look at the plugin page on the web site.. But yes you can enter all your details on screen if you use the plugin… No nothing else should need installing

      1. Thanks, when it comes to picons can i download my own picons and have them in your bouquets or do i have to use the picons you have? thanks

        1. The picon links will be in the feed from your provider, we don’t supply picons.. Just download what’s in the xml file your provider supplies

          1. HI Sorry, on your webpage there is 2 downloadable files and enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.7.5_all.ipk the zip one has a file with extn .ply do i need to do anything with that one if i am going to use the ipk one. Thanks

            1. The ipk should be all you need

  131. ive tried to set up my anova sub usin this plugin but i can only get the channels to play but no epg ive followed the steps as far as i can see

    1. After looking at the log it’s showing that it’s finding data but says unknown channel and 0 imported

    2. hi
      i just tried the ipk option. i then ran the plugin and entered my providers m3u URL and username and password on my TV screen, then went to “run”. i get following error in the log.

      starting backend script
      manual_update_callback_error:[Error socket error][Error-2] Name or service not known.

      i am with bphosting and entered as the m3u url and my username and password. the name i gave it was “epicstream” can anyone help. Thanks

  132. simmy sarkaria

    I get unkown channel on one of my providers via EPGImport, the other provider works fine. whats going on here ?

  133. Hi I have just setup a zgemma bot with an IPTV provider using the suls script. but i am getting bad freezing every 2 or 3 seconds on all channels. My broadband speed is 80meg. i have tried with and without a VPN. Could it be a problem with the script?, i edited the xml file with me m3u url and username and password then went to the plugin and selected “run”. the logs showed script finished, but the channels are not running smoothly. Thanks

    1. simmy sarkaria

      go into bouquet maker > providers > click on the provider > change setup mode to expert > TV stream type > change it to 5002

      1. HI I only see EPG Import in my menu No “bouquet maker”

      2. Hi I tried changing to tv stream to 5002 but now all the bouquets say if i change the tv stream back to what it was all the bouquets show the channel names but i still get the freezing and slow motion playback

        1. Just use the All IPTV types option on , or 4097 (same thing) …. you need another plugin to use 5002

          1. Hi I tried that but now instead if it freezing / slow motion every second it happens every 3-4 seconds. i set all iptv type to “enable”, tv stream type blank and VOD blank. i used to have “ACE hosting” who gave me their own ipk and scrip and i had no issues, ACE hosting no longer operate so i signed with bphosting, they advise to use the suls method. Could it be a problem with the ipk/script?. can i just copy the config.xml file to the enginma directory and not use the ipk? if i can then how will the script run as there will be no plugin installed that i can go to and sleect “run”? also on the ipk method the plugin only shows “run” so if i want to stop it i have to reboot my box, is it possible to put a “stop” in the plugin, this would mean there is no need to reboot the box?. Does anyone know of a good hosting provider? has anyone had any issues like i am with bphosting recently?. i just dont get why im getting this freezing, my broadband speed is 80meg so its not that. sorry for the questions, .

          2. HI i have tried using the system app set it to 5002 but still getting bad stuttering and slow motion playback. i tried the suls ipk method and also my providers wget -O method, this issue happens on both. Cant think of what else could be causing this. the link below is a short video of what is happening. Anyone have any ideas.

  134. Great site guys, really appreciate your work.
    i have a vu+ zero box with vix image, (enigma 2)
    i know the the IPTV Bouquet maker plugin is in my plugin menu.
    i have an IPTV provider,
    can i ask, is the easiest way to load my IPTV details via the plugin ?
    will this sort out the IPTV channels into groups ? (my provider has given me a m3u file which is in groups)

    please advise

    once i do this i will then try and crack loading the epgs, this may be a bit more difficult for me.

    1. If you look at the plugin page on this site it shows how to set it up. You can either enter the details using your remote (which can be time consuming) or edit the config file.

  135. How do i delete bouquets and stop them from coming back when i run Suls ?
    I did the override method and it works for one of my providers, but when i do it to the second provider when i run suls it just hangs and i have to delete the override file.

    1. Delete bouquets option in the plugin, or –uninstall on the script I think

      1. If i use echannelizer to delete / rename bouquets / move channels, the next time my iptv provider adds more channels where will they go? will all the original bouquets come back again when i run the script? or will the new channels appear in the renamed bouquets?

        1. simmy sarkari

          Yes thats the problem. Every time you run Suls after editing the bouquets, they come back again

      2. Thanks for the reply. I cannot see any ” delete bouquets ” option in Suls

        1. He’s referring to reset bouquets this will delete all e2m3u2bouquet bouquets.

          Then you need to go into providers then choose delete yes and green to save.

          Then you can use echannelizer etc to import m3u and arrange them how you want.

  136. when I go to run the script for a second time after editing the config file I still get….

    E2m3u2bouquet – Config based setup

    Please enter your details in the supplier config file in – /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/config.xml
    root@zgemmah2s:/etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet# ./

    does that mean something isn’t correct in the file?

    1. when I get the options of (0 or 1) do I just delete the number I don’t want, for example if I wanted it to be yes/true would I delete the ‘0 or’ so it just reads (1) or do I type 1 somewhere else?

  137. simmy sarkaria

    EPG Importer Down ?
    Not able to get nay EPG info via epg importer, when i look at the log it says download failed: checkValidServer reject the server

    1. Have you recently updated EpgImporter?

      Looks like the new version won’t work with any panel xmltv feeds

      1. I did update
        Is there a Download link for the previous version which worked ?

        1. What image/box are you using?

      2. Having the same issue

  138. Fixed EPG Importer by installing an older version

  139. Hi i have a zgemma and 2 x IPTV providers, i have added both providers in the E2m3u2bouquet plugin and then ran both, but there are only 1 set of bouquets, i would have though there would be 2 sets and channels working in both sets. I FTP top my E2m3u2bouquet folder and can only see 1 config.xml file, i tried to create another and named it config1.xml hoping that this would mean 2 scripts would run simultaneously but that has not worked. How can i get both scripts running and 2 sets of bouquets 1 for each provider?. Thanks

    1. You only need 1 config file for two providers, delete the new one you just created, go into E2m3u2bouquet on your box, create another provider. Go back into the config file and you will see another template below, add your second M3U in the one lower down.

      1. Thanks, so do i first run the 2 providers in the plugin and then go to the config.xml file and enter my username password for the 2nd provider under the 1st providers details.

        1. simmy sarkaria

          No. just create another provider, call it whatever you want, save it then exit out.
          Then go to the config.xml and put the second M3U in the template below the first one

  140. Hiran Bhagvan

    Hi Not sure if anyone can help. I have a iptv provider and i am using the bouquet maker. I only have a m3u URL not a EPG URL from the provider the provider says they dont have one. My box is a Zgemma, is there a way to install a “generic” EPG for IPTV? or is it only the Provider that can provide EPG?. I dont want to use another provdier as the one i found seems to be ideal for me in terms of channels VOD etc. Thanks

    1. If they don’t provide epg there not ideal… Have a look through my previous posts you will see an example which you could try running through putty on your zgemma

      1. Hiran Bhagvan

        Hi, thanks, do you have a link for you previous post i can look at. I cant seem to find it. Thanks

        1. Here you go, change to suit your sub username and password.
          1st add the latest e2m3u2bouquet file from this site and add to zgemma, etc/enigma2 and change cmod to 775
          open putty
          cd /etc/enigma2
          and add script
          ./ -M -m “” –epgurl “”
          once finished open epg importer and import new epg source per instructions

          1. Hi Thanks. But how do i change the cmod to 775 do i putty to the box? if so what do i enter. Thanks

            1. lol no, Putty is free software you need to download to your laptop so you can connect to your box via telnet and run commands to it.

              1. 1. download latest version of e2m3u2bouquet file from this site
                2. transfer e2m3u2bouquet file to your zgemma using flash fxp or similar program and place in location etc/enigma2
                3. righ click on e2m3u2bouquet file and select chmod and change permissions to 775 and save
                4. open putty select telnet and add your box ip address and open
                5. type root when putty opens
                6. type cd /etc/enigma2
                7. paste this file in same location ./ -M -m “” –epgurl “”
                in same location
                8. will run and create bouquets
                9. open epg importer
                10. select sources
                11. find e2m3u2bouquetbouquet and open and select file within which will add a tick
                12. green save
                13. yellow manual to import epg
                Job done.
                Next the crontimer setup….

                1. Sorry just a couple of questions. no 2. transfer e2m3u2bouquet to zgemma location etc/enigma2. Do you mean install the ipk bouquet maker plugin so that it appears in the plugin menu of the zgemma?
                  No7. paste this file in same location ./ -M -m “” –epgurl “” – do i create a notepad doc and name is config.xml?

  141. No. You have x2 options either install the plugin or use the script which is this method. Using this script method you don’t need ipk.
    Point 7 sorry my fault its not a file I mean this script
    Just as it says, literally transfer the file downloaded from this site, its a text document.and transfer it to your box from your laptop
    No7 my fault its not a file you just copy the script but change it to your details and copy it into putty

    1. Thanks. That worked

      1. Great, now you need to set the cron timer so it auto updates for you

  142. hi,I’ve been using the script for a while and it works great, auto updating & EPG good. I am trying to get the VOD working with my supplier as they changing it recently. It downloaded fine but the streams wouldn’t play, I changed the IPTVTYPES to “1” then everything works ok, but then Live TV streams are IPTV type stream and I’ve had sync issues before. I then tried to change the STREAMTYPEVOD to 4097 (iptv?) ,but then they dont work again. Any ideas? I thought VOD streams are set to IPTV anyway?

    1. Strangely enough I’m having the same isues. My VOD is stuttering and freezing lately while channels are playing fine. My supplier says VOD are fine but not my end. I just thought my box was playing up.

      1. michael chidley

        The VOD wont play at all until I set the IPTVTYPES to 1 in the script. I don’t get why?

        1. I’ll check my config files tomorrow and see what mine are saying

  143. Help.
    This morning i ran suls an one of my two providers now has no bouquets, all the channels are listed under ” VOD ” as opposed to ” England, Germany, France ” etc

    I change multi-vod to ” Yes ” and now it lists the bouquets properly, however it wont find any EPG info

    1. Let me guess – you’re using a “Global” service.

      I’m having the same problem. They seem to be sending a poorly configured M3UPlus file, without the file type for the streams, the script doesn’t seem to like it.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Yes it is an international provider.
        I hope it gets fixed otherwise i will be changing provider.

  144. As an update, another of my providers has just gone the same – looks like xtream codes have rolled out an update that breaks this plugin. May be necessary to remove some of the code that checks for a valid M3U_plus file. The new update lists all streams without a file type, eg – provider/user/pass/25452 rather than – provider/user/pass/25452.ts

    1. Setting output=m3u8 instead of output=ts should be a temp fix

      I take it the VOD streams still have a file extension?

      1. One of the suppliers does generate the .m3u8 extension, the other does not. However, neither suppliers stream will play if it has the .m3u8 file type, they will only play if there is no file extension present.

        VOD streams have the .mp4 file type

        1. Thanks. We’ll put out an update tomorrow so that extensionless streams are considered live tv

          1. New update is working fine as usual now thanks

  145. enable picons then run suls, its taking a long time, is it just the first run which takes ages ?

    1. Depending on the size of the playlist it will take a while to download the picons. Once a picon exist it will be skipped next time (or you can turn off the picon download option)

  146. Grrrrrrrr Why do they keep updating this…. It works so no need to fix it….!!!!!!

  147. Hi. Any plans to allow user to to update to the latest version from within the plugin? Many thanks.

    1. Yes, it’s on the wishlist / roadmap

  148. I have just updated to version 0.7.7. I had the VOD_issue as well. Now I try to do a manual run, via the plugin, create bouquettes, but no bouquettes are created, the only thing the status log tells me is: manual_update_callback Error: Bad character range. I use a ZgemmaH2H, Openatv, and GENiptv. Anyone knows this error?

    1. Not seen that before. If you can send us the m3u playlist (replacing your username/password) via the contact form on this site we can have a look

      1. Same here on 2 providers, epic and revolution. The plugin is getting confused by something and is creating all channels as VOD, its only started in the last week some time around sunday night/monday. I would guess they have a new channel or a a new channel name that is confusing the plugin. it doesnt do it on all providers becasue Beams is not affected. I will sent you my epic m3u and the sort xml file

        1. Hi John. Your issue is different and is resolved in v0.7.7

          Raymond’s issue is a picon downloading / saving issue which will be fixed in the next release

  149. simmy sarkaria

    Hi guys
    All my channels are listed as ” N/A” and dont work. Any idea why ?

    1. I take it this was a Service App issue and you got it fixed?

  150. i`ve been trying to update through putty for a day or two but keep getting an error of sorts, provider tells me your servers may be down, is this the case?
    or could it be something else, here is some of what it`s saying in putty…..

    wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 not found
    collected errors: opkg_download_backend: Failed to download …plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.7.7_all.ipk, wget returned 1.

    1. I take it you’re trying to update to the 0.7.7 version using the opkg install https://github… command?

      I’m not aware of any hosting issues with Github but you try the ftp install instructions

      1. yes trying to update to v0.7.7 version, provider gave me this to copy and paste and to insert my username and password;

        wget -O /tmp/config.xml “” && sed -i ‘s/uuuuu/myusername’/g /tmp/config.xml && sed -i ‘s/ppppp/mypassword’/g /tmp/config.xml && opkg install –force-reinstall “…plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.7.7_all.ipk” && reboot

        1. The ‘…plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.7.7_all.ipk’ part is not correct

          it should be

          1. yes that sorted it, many thanks.

  151. I’ve just tried the new categoryOverride feature and whilst it does change the category, it ignores the sorting and puts the moved channel at the bottom of the new category. Are you aware of this?

    1. Thanks for testing. I’m aware that that if you move to an existing category it will be at the bottom :(. If you move it to a new custom category you can control the sorting.

  152. whats the best way to get rid of bouquets that I don’t want to show on ipab?

    1. In the override file change those bouquets to enabled=”false”

      1. sorry I didn’t mean all of them just the ones that I don’t use

        1. In the override file change the bouquets you don’t use to enabled=”false”, leave all the ones you do use as – enabled=”true”

  153. As an update, I’ve had a couple of crashes when running the 0.8 version from the command line. I’m using latest ViX on an Ultimo4K

    Error shows in log as –

    [eDVBDB] 500 entries in Bouquet
    terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::length_error’
    what(): basic_string::_M_replace

    /usr/bin/enigma2(_Z17handleFatalSignaliP9siginfo_tPv) [0x76000]
    /lib/ [0xB6152AD0]
    /lib/ [0xB6151A28]
    /lib/ [0xB6152C44]
    /usr/lib/ [0xB63BC644]
    /usr/lib/ [0xB63BA7E8]
    ——-FATAL SIGNAL (6)

    I can’t run from the plugin as it rejects one of my providers with the “No extended playlist info found” but if I download the playlist to my cloud and load from there, it’s accepted. It’s accepted from the host when using the command line

    1. This seems to be e2 not liking the bouquet. The error seems to suggest that you’ve got over 500 services in the bouquet which it doesn’t like. Any chance you could get in touch with via the contact form and send us the ‘/etc/enigma2/’ file with your user details removed?

      Strange that one of your providers works from the command line but not the plugin as the code is the same.

      1. It is below 500. Message sent M8

  154. Just tried the latest Beta on an Ultimo4k with the latest ViX and it throws an error message that the plugin is unavailable and mentions Extensions/E2m3ubouquet (epgImport). I do have the EPG_Importer plugin installed and it is still available, I have also tried on a MIPS box with an older ViX, and it installs fine on that

    1. Thanks. I’ll check it out

    2. I’ve uploaded v0.8 b6 hopefully that fixes it.

  155. Confirmed, B6 does load and run on the Ultimo4K with latest ViX

    1. Thanks for testing

  156. Epg stopped working in 6.3 ipk. Installed V0.8 ipk. When create bouquets it says finish bouquet in 15 s, but it never stop running so I have to stop it.
    Bouquets was created but now EPG. I manually started Epg import for sweden att that worked. Then I tried another epg URL
    This url is for UK, Denmark,Sweden and Norway and after that Denmark was updated with epg the box hang (vu+ zero).
    I should like to test more with V0.7.7 but uninstalling V0.8 ipk is not working. When you uninstall it say it done and restart GUI but it still there. Please advice.

    1. To remove try
      opkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet

      Or to force a downgrade to v0.7.7
      opkg install --force-downgrade

      1. Thanks for the advice. Now I will go on testing different ver. of E2m3u2bouquet and epgimport on different boxes.

        1. Now v 0.7.7 is working on vu+ solo2 and vu+ zero.


        2. now v0.7.7 is working on vu+ solo2 and vu+ zero.


  157. Hi I have installed new version of e2m3u2bouq v8 but when list my channel categorys it has e2m3u2bouq at start of them all so before use to say

    UK sports and now it’s e2m3u2bouq UK sports etc how do I remove the e2m3u2bouq thanks

    1. I take it this is using the script and not the plugin? If you use the Config File Based Setup (see script homepage) it will use the provider name from the config file

      1. Yes I’m using the script not the plugin is it better to use the plugin when used old v0.6 scripts use to list

        UK sports
        UK movies etc

        Now with new v8 it’s list like this

        E2m3u2bouq UK sports
        E2m3u2bouq UK movies etc

        Want to list like the old way
        Also list at the top of bouquets list want to list at the bottom thanks

      2. What do I need to change in the config file to remove the e2m3u2bouq from showing in bouquets list thanks

        1. It will use whatever you set as the provider name as the prefix

          1. So if using script where does it say provider name do need to edit the e2m3u2bouq file thanks

            1. Follow the instructions in the config file based setup on the script homepage and it will create blank config file that you can edit

          2. ive got a problem with epg in bouquets list nothing showing is my epg link look ok



            1. I’ve removed your username & password from the link and will have a check later.

            2. I’ve checked and the issue is that your providers epg is nonsense. Suggest that you change to a better provider.

              Edit: Also in the epg feed it says there is a new epg url so I suggest that you try that as it may actually be usable.

  158. minesh patel

    hi there im running the 0.7.7 version of plugin
    with three different providers
    but get lagging on the sports channels only with one of the providers
    if i change the format to 4097 the lagging goes away but can not record any more
    i was using an older version of plugin and this problem did not occur recording was sweet
    but had to change plugin version due to no epg
    i using a vu duo2
    openatv 6.2
    Thanks mintosh72

    1. If it previously worked fine without changing the stream type to 4097 then it must be a change at your providers side

      1. minesh patel

        if i go back to the old version of plugin the lagging stops but no epg
        if thats any good to you?

        1. Can you compare the service entry in the enigma2 bouquet to see what the difference is? In ‘/etc/enigma2/’ you’ll find a bunch of files, if you open the category file you’ll see the list of service entries starting #SERVICE

          All the plugin/script does is create these files then enigma2 is responsible for playback. If the playback is different between versions there must be a difference in the service entry or a setting on the box

          1. minesh patel

            i looked into it
            its on my provider end
            when streams are set to DVB(1) sports streams lag and break up
            his sports channels are on their own sever
            any ideas what i can tell him to fix the problem
            Thanks minesh patel

  159. Just noticed in the config, when setting the Picon save path, all are correct except MMC which points to – /media/mmc/picon//picon/

    It should be just – /media/mmc/picon/

    1. Well spotted ‘/picon/ should actually be the final option in the list

  160. Hi guys

    I’m having an issue with 0.8.1 and open black hole. I have the plugin set to a fixed time of 6am so it pulls down the bouquets at that time. The box is in standby mode when this occurs. When I go to turn on my box it does not respond. Rebooting just goes to the boot screen and freezes. Looking at the logs points to iptv bouquets unable to be created. If I refresh the plugin manually then the bouquets are created correctly.

    To fix the issue I have to ftp in to the box and delete the main bouquet file. Any ideas what could be causing this? 0.7.7 worked perfectly.


    1. Hi Rob,

      I take it if you change from a fixed time to an interval it works fine? I’ll see if I can recreate the issue using a fixed time.

      Update: issue with fixed time schedule will be resolve in v0.8.2

      1. Thanks DougMac

        I haven’t actually tried it with an interval I have always used a fixed time. I know manually creating the bouquets works ok so just using that for the time being.


        1. v0.8.2 has been released which should fix it

  161. Is it possible to sort channels between different bouquets? I tried to move an channel from one bouquet to an other and this works.But trying to push this channel on first spot too , and this dont works , always at the buttom of the bouquet.

    is it not supported or am i doing something wrong?

    1. I posted exactly the same some time ago – it’s not supported. You can create a totally new bouquet and sort the channels on that

  162. How do you remove e2m3u2bouquet from beginning of the bouquets list using the v8.2 script

    1. Believe it uses the name of the IP TV provider in the XML settings file

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