• Add nameOverride attribute to xml files to allow service or bouquet names to be changed
  • Add option to use service references from providers bouquet file. -b command argument,see below
  • Add SSL fix for some boxes. Unconfirmed if working (if this now allows you to use the provider based setup please let us know in the comments below)
  • Improved service ref id generation logic to reduce (hopefully eliminate) id conflicts especially if override file is used
  • Add option -xs to stop service refs from override.xml file being used

Custom service references from providers bouquet file

Some providers already map their service references to existing DVB services. This means that if you have CrossEPG set-up you can automatically get a full 7 day epg for channels that you are able to receive the DVB epg from.

For this feature add the -b command argument (url to providers bouquet file)  e.g. ‘-b http://PROVIDERSURL/get.php?username=YOURUSERNAME&password=YOURPASSWORD&type=dreambox&output=ts’

N.B. If you using this feature with an override.xml file the service refs in the xml file will apply. Use the command argument -xs to ignore the service refs in the override.xml file

Override Service & Bouquet Names

You can now override the service and bouquet names by setting the ‘nameOverride’ attribute in the override.xml file

Missing EPG info

If after upgrading to this you are missing the EPG then please do a manual import in EPG-Importer


Full details of v0.5 release here

Download latest release here

18 thoughts on “e2m3u2bouquet 0.5.4

  1. Great work. Thank you! Looking forward to trying this.

  2. can you move channels to different bouquets, tried editing the category= but seems to stay in original bouquet

    1. Yes I’ve done it with mine. I created a new bouquet and moved several from different ones to it.

      1. Don’t think it possible to move channels between bouquets or create new bouquets with this script. If it is then its a fluke and maybe I should be buying a lottery ticket 🙂

        1. any chance the moving channels between bouquets can be added to the roadmap or is it not possible

          1. It may be possible but there’s other features to do with a much higher priority

  3. Great work on this doug & suls…

    One query though, any chance of getting the option to make the generated bouquets appear at the top or bottom of the listings depending on user choice?

    1. Good idea

    2. That’s on the road map and will hopefully be added soon.

  4. “automatically get a full 7 day EPG” is this only if the provider offers such? In my case flawless. Cannot get any more than 24 hours after trying the above – b

    1. Only some providers map their service references to existing DVB services

      1. Cool, thanks

  5. If my epg still won’t populate will I need to change the tvg id ?? It downloads just don’t show in menu
    Keep up the good work ✌?

    1. You’ll need to download you m3u file and check if the tvg-id values match with the channel ids in the xmltv epg url

      1. Cheers Doug I will check it out ??

  6. Tony Whalley

    In overrides, I changed PORTUGAL to GERMANY and moved the DE entries to the PORTUGAL channels location – however, it totally ignored this and still produced the PORTUGAL bouquet at the end of the bouquets – is there a way of adding a Bouquet?? and what is idStart used for?.

    1. It’s not possible to create new bouquets or move services between bouquets with this script.

      There’s also no timescales of when/if this feature will be added.

  7. Hi, is it possible to create an “all channels” bouquet when using the URL method? Thanks

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