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  • Plugin

Plugin (beta)

We’ve now released a plugin for the script. As it’s still in beta please only use if you are comfortable knowing it’s only had limited testing and know how to re-flash your box if you encounter any issues.
Update: Not had any negative reports so should be safe to use

Plugin features:-

  • Named provider support
  • Ability to set commonly used options
  • Ability to set an update schedule

Plugin install

  • Download the ipk and ftp it to the /tmp folder on the box.
  • Either install it from the box GUI (in OpenVix this will be ‘Menu -> Setup -> ViX -> Install local extension
    or SSH/Telnet to to the box and run ‘opkg install /tmp/enigma2 [TAB – to autocomplete path]
  • Reboot box
  • Open your plugins menu, there should now be a plugin named ‘IPTV Bouquet Maker (IPTV for Enigma2 – E2m3u2bouquet plugin)’

Latest release here

Tommy has also kindy made a lengthy install guide here

Potential Issues

Custom sorting – If you have an override.xml file then when the bouquet update is happening you may see the spinner graphic and the box ui may be unresponsive for around a minute

Downloading Picons (especially on first run) takes a long time. Your box will show the spinner graphic and the ui will be unresponsive  while this happening.

Thanks to ..

You’ll notice that the plugin looks a lot like Epg-Importer. Epg-Importer was used as the starting point of the plugin so all credit to the Epg-Importer team for developing their great plugin.

110 thoughts on “e2m3u2bouquet 0.6

  1. Outstanding Doug!

  2. Hi and thanks for the work you do to make end users life as simple as possible. I have been using my providers script to generate my boquets up to now but I prefer your version. Only thing i have noticed is a black line across the top of the screen. This is on every single channel but its not there if i select channel from my providers script. Any ideas? Thanks

    1. The only thing I can think of that might cause is the ‘All IPTV Option’ (-i if not using the plugin). Can you try it with the option set?

      If it still doesn’t work then would need to compare the bouquets that your providers scripts generates (in /etc/enigma2/) with ours.

  3. Congrats – I was just in the middle of testing a conversion of your code as a ViX plugin – spoilt my fun! – but works really well for me.
    For those like me with ageing eyesight, I just entered rough username etc and then copied the saved settings file containing the configs to a PC and edited – saves messing with the remote

    1. where do you find the settings file please?

  4. Thanks, this just keeps getting better

  5. I am assuming that the override goes in the home/root folder as that is where I have found the e2m3u2bouquet-sort-current

    1. Yes, that’s correct.

      (we may set it to its own config folder at a later date)

  6. will brooks

    if im using e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override file will i get my bouqets still update with new channels in my live events section ?? if not can i make it update an still use the override to keep good order ??

    Cheers :-))

    1. Yes, with the override file new channels are adding at the end of their category.

      If after your provider has adding changes you want to update the sort then you are best saving the …current.xml as …override.xml (the current.xml file will have your previous sort order as well as the new channels)

      1. Just set up the plugin on my Gigablue Quad plus running Open ATV 6.0 works perfectly, thanks.

      2. Cheers mate the plugin is working great an setup is now looking real good ?

  7. Top work, as always!

    So I can see that your enigma plugin allows you to set a schedule for update every x hours, does this mean that it also triggers epg-import to download the latest sources? I only ask as I know that you guys usually advise to run epg import straight after running your script.

    1. It doesn’t trigger Epg-Importer at the moment (that’s something that may be added). With newer version of the script it should be fine to run Epg-Importer at any time

  8. I am little confused regarding Picons. I assumed a link was made to existing picons, but……
    The plugin speaks of downloading Picon and storing to the referenced folder……… if so, where are they downloaded from? are they SNP or SRP or?

    1. They’re SNP and will be downloaded if the channel has a tvg-logo url set in the m3u file

  9. anyway of viewing your future roadmap mate? its getting better and better every time i visit the site

    1. Suls and myself have a number of ideas – nothing public at the moment though

  10. Great work!! I know it can be installed via SSH but is there a way for that to be installed and automatically populate the username and password via putty etc? Thanks

  11. Hi Guy’s excellent work as always, ye really knock it out of the park with each release!
    Any chance of adding the uninstall option in the next version of the plugin?
    PS when uninstall it would be a good idea to remove providers file from tmp, override & current sort files and the actualy py file itself.

    1. If you uninstall the plugin most of that should already be happening Tommy, I don’t pick up the tmp files, but the plugin and all the amends the script makes should revert

  12. Hi again guys hoping someone can help. The script grabs the boquets in the order my provider sends them i suppose. I use the remote control to put the favs in the order i want but each new scan justs puts them back in default order. I have tried editing the script manually cuttng and pasting and renamed it overide but I must be doing something wrong as it always revers to default each new scan . What should i do to keep the boquets in the order i want once i have them done to my liking. Thanks again

  13. This is looking great is there anyway of having an hide bouquets option like there is in ABM so we can hide/delete unwanted bouquets?

    1. Check out the custom mapping feature and specifically the override.xml file which can allow you to set a bouquet to false and thus hide it from view

  14. Does that work with the plugin? Ill have a read through thanks.

    1. Yah still works with the plugin, just need to open FTP session and transfer,update the XML file that way

  15. Ok working fine thanks.

  16. Stephen Pearce

    Is there any way of using plugin if the provider isn’t listed. I don’t see Prem accs or infus….

    1. Not at the moment. It wouldn’t be good trying to enter long urls using the remote 🙁
      We may look at the plugin being able to read a setup file for custom provider and user/password details in a future release. The plugin was written in a couple of day just to get something out there. Should be a base that we can build on.

      The python script has the same functionality as the plugin (just a bit more difficult to set-up)

      1. Stephen Pearce

        Great work, I’ll carry on using the script at this time.

        1. Or send us your urls and we can set the provider up

  17. Jim Morrison

    Fantastic work. Amazing. I have e2m3u2bouquet 0.5.4 installed. Would i need to remove it before running e2m3u2bouquet 0.6

    1. No the plugin runs the same script from a different location, if you have a cron job setup you will want to disable it tho

      1. Jim Morrison

        Thank You

  18. apologies if im posting in the wrong place, i am using a plugin sent by my provider, i installed it on my solo2 from the IPK.
    is there any way to extract the information from it, or my receiver so i can use your plugin?

  19. Incredible work, Suls. Truely amazing plugin. Would it be possible to incorporate a feature into the override.xml on the next release which allocates a block of channel numbers per category like Sly does (I.E Movies always start at 301, Sports at 401 etc) instead of channels just grabbing the next available channel number. I use a Harmony remote and have noticed that each time my provider adds or removes a channel, it changes the channel numbers for all subsequent channels across categories. Its a bugger when trying to configure the favorites buttons to specific channel numbers.

    1. That’s a good idea. I’ll get it added

      1. Wow! Thanks man.

        1. Ps, Doug wrote the plugin

    2. Added to v0.6.1.

      It’s not currently possible to customise the channel numbers but each category should start at a new number block (e.g. if the IPTV bouquets are set to top position it will use 101,200,300,400 etc..)

      1. That is perfect! Thanks Doug..

  20. Im not sure if its possible but could we somehow move multiple bouquets into one ie I have The Simpson season 1 to 8 in separate bouquets so would it be possible to convert into one Simpsons VOD bouquet, or would it be best manually copying all into one bouquet and disable updates via the override.xml file? Thanks

    1. Just noticed in the e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override.xml doesnt show all VOD bouquets just the one VOD bouquet so I couldn’t do it that way

      1. We don’t include the individual VOD entries in the xml files as some suppliers will have thousands

        1. Ok thanks ill continue playing with it ive asked my supplier if they could move multiple seasons into one group but they said no ill have a play with it.

  21. Works great but I now have the ‘ your linux kernel has changed please flash the latest image ‘ I’m on the latest image already. Using edision os mega.

    1. That’s nothing to do with this script/plugin, you’ll need to see if anyone can assist you in your image support forums

  22. Got excited there thinking I had found the answer to my script woes……..My provider isn’t included, is there anyway of manually adding the url for my current provider?

    1. If your provider uses an xstream panel you should be able to use the script and the URL Based Setup detailed here (https://www.suls.co.uk/enigma2-iptv-bouquets-with-epg/)

  23. Hi Guys, i’ve created a long winded guide to using your ipk for some of new comers to e2, I thought you guys should be aware of it – https://enigma2community.com/thread-450.html

  24. py workes like a charm on DreamOS Boxes.
    Is it maybe possible to split the whole m3u content to individually countries, including EPG?

  25. Can you move the override.xml from home/root to somewhere like /etc so that the file is automatically backed up? Currently, I have to specifically select in settings Backup.
    Regarding the long url’s the quick fix is to use Notepad on a PC and then copy back the settings to the receiver
    Like the channel numbering idea

    1. Hi yes this is in the roadmap and will get built at some point

  26. For the plugin where is the override file located?

  27. Override file is still in /home/root .. at the moment

  28. Q. Are you going to put the plugin source on git?

    1. Not at this time.

  29. Hi suls
    Any plans to create a oe2.5 deb package for DreamOS?

    1. As far as I’ve been able to work out the only difference is that .ipk is archived using tar and .deb using ar. So you could easily untar the .ipk and then create a .deb archive using ar

      I don’t think the tools we use can do this this but if there was enough of a demand we could add it to the plugin build process.

  30. Just like to thank you guys again – great work. I have just converted your plugin to run as an OpenViX Vix plugin so that it resides with my other non-standard ViX software – has helped to improve my python knowledge immensely! Thanks!

  31. […] here or here to download the latest […]

  32. I don’t suppose anybody has had a luck getting the plugin to work with openpli 4.0. I eventually managed ot get previous versions of the script working by updating certain components, but I cannot get the the plugin to work. I get an error – ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘SSLContext’. I presume the python installed is out-of-date.

    1. Have you tried OpenPli 6.0

  33. Would it also be possible to add the provider https://geniptv.com/ to the plugin or the py file?
    Many thx 🙂

  34. hi
    plugin very good m8 put no epg on the new one provider ipstreams I already spoke to nick about it


  35. Hi, brilliant script – love it! Quick question – I use the override file to change the order of channels within bouquets, but is it possible to change the order of channels in the ‘all channels’ bouquet (when appending ‘-a’ to the script)? Thanks

  36. great plugin not problem but any chance of adding support for multiple providers, of maybe a switch to turn off the part of the script that deletes the IPTV the bouquets?


    1. Yes already in the roadmap

    2. I also just came on here to ask this, it would be really appreciated, I’m trying to think of a way round it for now. If you could allow the addition of a prefix to the bouquet name it would be handy. It’s a shame there’s not an additional level in enigma 2, so you could have top level as the provider, then when you open that you get to the bouquet

  37. Is there a chance for the next version to be able to use a local file on box for username and password? My username is my email and is hard to input with the remote so having a local file to edit with FTP would be great thanks

    1. Type some rubbish, save and then edit the config file in etc/enigma2/settings

    2. this is on the roadmap

  38. Would it be possible to add RAPIDIPTV?
    Can’t get it to work.

  39. Firstly, thank you. This plugin is absolutely incredible. I was over the moon when I found it, it’s meant I don’t have to throw my enigma2 box out!!

    I am, however, seeing an issue when the iptvbouquet maker runs, the sources file it passes to EPG-importer is not showing in the sources list although it is created and appears correct. It isn’t until I edit the sources file and add a tag into the XML with a “sourcecatname” field. This isn’t a very glamorous solution as i end up with a source tree for FAB rather than a single entry. I imagine this is a change to the EPG importer that’s caused the issue as this has only arisen after a re-flash of the box and an update of all the packages.

    Using wooshbuild: v6. version 0.6.1 of the plugin. EPG-importer 1.0+git166.

    1. You might find the single source hiding in the virgin uk section thats where mine was after the recent epg importer changes.

      1. Ahh awesome, I will check that out later. Thanks for the reply!

  40. Had a few people run the plugin now and for some reason when they press run it freezes the box and crashes, mostly on h2s for what I can gather and using a few different images.
    Anyone else having issues or is this down to user install error as I believe it is lol.
    Mine has been great top work on this by the way!!

    1. If this happens on various images and with a specific Provider, then it would indicate that their “setup” is causing an exception. I have converted this plugin to run in a different environment and I have to say the coding is really strong … but obviously lets see what the authors say.

      1. Cheers Twol…..managed to get someone to try it again with no picons and it worked, added the picons back and it froze again, also appears that the provider source isn’t showing up in epg importer but I believe that may be down to the epg importer update, my knowledge of python is zilch so don’t know how to get round that one either lol.

        Appreciate the response buddy!

        1. Kevin Walker

          Hi great plugin, works a treat. Any chance of auto restarting GUI after to force the change in the channel list. No biggy but once the plugin has downloaded I need to restart the GUI for the new channel list to take effect.

          Also any chance to change the plugin so non listed providers can be added?

          Even better please can you add TITAN IPTV http://titan-iptv.com/

          Great effort and thanks again

          1. I’ll add the GUI restart to the road map, titan are free to apply to be a provider, cheers

            1. Kevin Walker

              Great effort and thank you, this now working flawlessly.

          2. If you are talking about after the plugin is first installed then yes a manual restart is required.

            After the plugin is installed the channel list should automatically update each time the plugin is run as long as you have OpenWebif installed (without a password set)

            1. Kevin Walker

              Hi, sorry for the delay been away. I was referring to after the plugin has run, my channal list never updated until I restart the GUI. Also I already have OpenWebif installed but set to no, anyway it seems to be updating now so maybe GUI restart mapped has solved this issue.

  41. Man don't get HOT

    hi guys thanks a lot for the great work you are doing , i have installed on my box and it looks and works great, however i am trying to run the script using putty as i had done before on my box but i am getting a error python: can’t open file ‘e2m3u2bouquet.py’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory . please help

    1. It sound like the python script isn’t in the directory you are try to run it from. You could try FTP’ing to the box again.

  42. Man don't get HOT

    meant on a friend’s box

  43. Is there anyway to get a putty script to enter username and password on the plugin? TIA

    1. Not at the moment but it will be possible in an upcoming version

      1. As a reseller your plug in has abbreviations for supplier for e.g. FAB for fabiptv , this does not help me as I try not to reveal who I am selling for. Is it not possible to have the supplier in number/code format and have a list on here to check on . I do really like the plug in but can roll it out to my customers as it takes one to suss out my supplier and go straight to them making me loose business

  44. any chance of us adding #SERVICE 1:832:d:0:0:0:0:0:0:0: to the override.xml to separate the channel numbers out between channels?, i see its been added to the start of the bouquets

    1. Can you explain what you are trying to achieve? Is it that you’re trying to more closely match a satellite pay providers epg numbering ?

      1. Yes, i was going to try and give it ago, to see if its possible but needed to add place holders into the override file

  45. There is no ipk file, it is a .py file. Do I ftp that file or am I missing something?

    1. The plugin is available on the v0.6.3 release page – https://github.com/su1s/e2m3u2bouquet/releases/tag/v0.6.3

      1. Thanks, missed that one haha

  46. Hi, can’t seem to pull and epg through for my provider. No events are found through epg importer. I’m using the plugin included with wooshbuild v7.

  47. Yusuf Mertdjan

    Hi, looks like a good and useful app. Is there a way of entering my own provider not on the list

    1. Yes use the supplier form on the web site

  48. Niall Hutchinson

    Hi great plugin really easy to install (following the instructions) but I do have a issue with vod. It plays fine but can’t then control it (pause etc.. ). Is there a issue with the plugin or something else. As far as I can tell you can with my provider in android. TIA.

    1. Nothing to do with the plugin, it just supplies the streams.
      E2 only gives you rw/ff

  49. Any plans for version 0.7 of the plugin?

  50. Hi, flawless have changed their urls. How do I update it on the plugin please as everything stopped working thanks

    1. The Flawless details have been updated so you should just need to run the plugin again.

  51. Nayshal Kerai

    Hey WickedTV urls have changed. How do I update it on the plugin please as everything stopped working thanks

    1. Hi,

      We won’t be changing the WickedTV provider (due to the fact there are two providers that claim the same name). You can use the script version with your own urls.

  52. Hi, Im new att this…installed the plugin but nothing seems to happen when i press run. it asks if i want to update and i get the option to answer yes or no. when i chose yes it takes about one second before it jumps back to the plugin and it doesn’t seem that any channels/boques have been added or updated.

    1. George Charalambous

      Hi guys, i am trying to re order the bouquets i have created the file e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override delete the old file and edited the catogory to false. i run the plugin and nothing happens. the original file re appears each time??

      1. Newer versions use the provider name in the filename. So if the ‘current’ file is named ‘provider-sort.current.xml’ the override file should be named ‘provider-sort.override.xml’

  53. Hi Doug, thanks for the great work.

    I had a couple of errors running the script which I managed to solve by using python-imaging and argparse.

    My latest issue though is that I will enter the command but nothings happens, just hangs with a ‘>’ below the command. No message or error coming up.

    I also tried using the simple command using the provider name but I don’t think my provider supports that (INSIGHT) ?


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