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Changes to the new Fab new urls were made by Doug last night (12/08/2017)

However due to changes in the way we handle providers in later versions of the script you need to be on version >= 0.6 of the script or plugin to receive these changes.

See here or here to download the latest version.

Also please note FAB continue to be blocked by the current court directives despite the change in URLs so do not expect service during EPL matches

If you’re looking to setup a VPN on your enigma2 box there’s a guide available on the PIA website here

17 thoughts on “FAB URL Changes

  1. I’m getting an error in the bouquets maker, all of a sudden ‘m3u file is empty: check username and password’appears. Thing is the username and password is correct as it was working the night before. Any ideas?

    1. Fab will be getting blocked by your is p while the football is on

      1. Was an issue with FAB and not my ISP in the end.

        Anyway moving on from that they have been attacked again. Will you be updating the script with the new address?

  2. Has the script been updated to the new url for fab??

      1. Do we need to download the .py file again to update or will it do it automatically? Or do we just run bouquet maker? As it stands nothing’s working for me

        1. You need to be on version 0.6 of the script or plugin,

        2. It should auto update then

          1. I’ve been running 0.6 all along. After fixing my original issue (was down to fab putting my account on hold) bouquets maker is again saying m3u file is empty, check username and password even though some channels are working.

            Why would that be?

            1. At a guess given the stability of fab over the past couple of weeks I would imagine is failing to get the file.. Check their forum for latest info

  3. Hi, with the issues a lot of providers are having lately would it be possible to have the script allow say a primary and backup provider and create the bouquets for both please instead of deleting the bouquets from the existing provider?

    1. I believe Doug has coded this in to the soon to be released 6.1 version

  4. I have to use an alternative player (exteplayer3) on vusolo2 to get some of the us channels to play, but I then have problems with the epg not working. Is there a trick to get this working correctly on OPENATV?

    1. It’s known that the serviceapp plugin doesn’t work with the epg. Have you tried the US channels as DVB instead of GStreamer?

      1. Not sure how to change it any help appreciated.

        1. DVB will be used for live channels if you have ‘All IPTV type’ set to false. If you’re using an override.xml file then you’ll also need to make sure the -xs option (script) or ‘Override service refs’: disabled (plugin) is set

          1. That was my problem, all IPTV type was set to enable, channels on US movies now appear OK without stuttering. Many thanks

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