e2m3u2bouquet 0.6.1


Script changes

  • Dedicated config directory ‘/etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet’
  • Pre Python 2.7.9 SSL context workaround
  • Remove delimiter options (command arguments -d1, -d2, -d3, -d4)
  • Option to place IPTV bouquets at top or bottom ‘-bt’
  • Consistent channel numbering (best results when IPTV bouquets are set to top). Each new IPTV category will start numbering +100 from start of last category

Plugin changes

  • Add /picon option for download path
  • Show last playlist update
  • Add override service refs option
  • Add IPTV bouquet position option
  • Add option download providers bouquet (for custom service refs)


The delimiter command arguments have been removed (-d1, -d2, -d3, -d4). Due to improvement in the m3u parsing these are no longer needed

The script and plugin will now save e2m3u2bouquet-sort-current.xml and look for e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override.xml in the new config directory ‘/etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet’. If the override file can’t be found in the config folder it will also check in the current working directory ‘/hoem/root’ in most cases.

Plugin Potential Issues

Custom sorting – If you have an override.xml file then when the bouquet update is happening you may see the spinner graphic and the box ui may be unresponsive for around a minute

Downloading Picons (especially on first run) takes a long time. Your box will show the spinner graphic and the ui will be unresponsive  while this happening.


Latest releases here

Community guides here

33 thoughts on “e2m3u2bouquet 0.6.1

  1. Is there a way to enter URLs for m3u files and xmltv (like in 0.5)? My provider is not currently on your supported list, but I had it working using the old URL setup via Putty on the older versions.

  2. two things id like to see implemented if possible, to move a channel to a different category, or the ability to make new categories, or and overridecat maybe?

    Also in the plugin an option for an override xml location to download, i.e if the override.xml was on a sever or dropbox share you enter the url in the plugin and it would download it and put it in the etc/enigma2/e2m3ubouquet folder

    1. Thank could easily be achieve in a script file, and run the script through a cron job (which would also update the channellist too)…

    2. also can we have have a nameoverride if possible for when we turn on the create all channels bouquet so i can call it All Channels rather than IPTV – All Channels

        1. I concur, although I think that there needs to be an option at both the bouquet and channel level as this would also negate the need to download a new set of picons for those already using SNP picons and will bring consistency with the picons displayed for DVB services.

          This would also solve my issue posted below 🙂

  3. Wonder what the problem is with RAPID when it doesn’t work not even with support added.
    It’s nothing special with that provider using standard Xtream-Codes and standard links like all other providers etc.
    When checking URL it downloads both lists and EPG so nothing wrong there.

    1. After some more testing RAPIDIPTV works if you manually download m3u file to own webserver or something like that.
      Then you use that link instead for e2m3ubouquet script and then it works.
      Seems there is a problem with grabbing the file clientportal directly.

  4. where is override normally located so I can adjust it for correct epg data I can use plugin via putty no problem put it locks the zgemma provider is gehosting

    1. Etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet it’s called e2m3u2bouquet-sort-current.xml do your edits then rename to e2m3u2bouquet-sort-override.xml

  5. I have another question. When running the py file via cli.
    Is there an option to show errors messages wile running the file?

    Because my iptv provider changed something and now the py file does not work anymore.
    It only works when the m3u file is locally saved.

    So would be great if it has some verbose output while running it.

    Best regards

    1. You can set ‘DEBUG = 0’ to ‘DEBUG = 1’ at the start of the py script (using an unix aware file editor) to show extra logging and it will also keep the downloaded m3u file in /var/tmp

  6. I noticed that some of the picons pulled down by the plugin are massive and in some cases they crash the EPG on my et8500, requiring a full reboot.

    Top 6
    669,031 ukaberdeenfctvliveonmatches.png
    549,539 usacafoxbusinessnetwork.png
    549,539 usacafoxbusinessnetworkbackup.png
    225,484 ukcrimeandinvestigationhd.png
    208,239 ukrangerstvbackuplivematchesonly.png
    208,239 ukrangerstvlivematchesonly.png

    If you need to keep the prefixes then would it be possible to create symlinks instead of files, of course this would mean the script having an awareness of Prefixes and Suffixes (Backup, SD, HD, FHD)?

      1. Hi Fred,
        my picon dir is already on USB, not sure what you are getting at with the suggestion of symlinking the picon dir? Picons are pulled down by the plugin and given SNP names according to the IPTV channel in your list, my suggestion is that the plugin has an option to create SNP symlinks to picons already in the designated picon directory so that we do not duplicate picons and the look of the picons is consistant across the iptv and dvb.

        Of course this could also be looked at from the SRP point of view but that brings its own set of challenges.

    1. Here’s a bit more info…..

      epg slow to load, doesn’t display properly, doesn’t crash EPG
      669,031 ukaberdeenfctvliveonmatches.png
      225,484 ukcrimeandinvestigationhd.png
      208,239 ukrangerstvbackuplivematchesonly.png
      208,239 ukrangerstvlivematchesonly.png

      epg slow to load, display properly
      549,539 usacafoxbusinessnetwork.png
      549,539 usacafoxbusinessnetworkbackup.png

      After a bit more investigation I have found only one picon that results in a crash.
      56,353 ukskysportsnewshd.png

      Maybe the issue is less to do with the physical size and something to do with the format or resolution?

      For info I am running the latest VIX image.

  7. Hi, could you please update the server URL & port details for UKsat on the plugin? They changed the address yesterday.

    Many thanks


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