We’ve been made aware that some provider updates have caused the script/plugin to show live stream as vod (which means no epg is listed for them)

If you’re you using ‘output=ts’ in your m3u url please try ‘output=m3u8’ as a temporary workaround.

There’s an updated release (untested) here if anyone is willing to test and give feedback.


v0.7.7 has been released which should fix this issue.

13 thoughts on “Live TV streams showing as vod / e2m3u2bouquet 0.7.7

  1. Hi I don’t think my issue was the same with live categories mixed with VOD https://www.suls.co.uk/epgimporter/#comment-1084 as I had working EPG but I’ve just installed this version and it’s still got mixed live with VOD but EPG still working.

    1. No this is a different issue where all streams are listed as vod. This is due to provider / xstream changing the tv stream urls to be extensionless

  2. I have tried this on Zgemma 7C with Open ATV and it worked, it got rid of the VOD listing and pulled int he EPG

  3. Both replacing ts with m3u8 and also 0.7.7 worked on OpenATV 6.2 – thanks

  4. Doesn’t seem to have fixed my issue, so guessing something else is wrong on mine, its strange most channels are getting epg its just an odd few, i can see it in the xmltv file, i can see the ref in the current.xml, and see it channels.xml, and see it in the userbouquet.tv file and the service ref’s and tvg-id all match up, but just doesnt import it via epgimport

    1. Do the missing epg events have an empty description in the xmltv file? Unfortunately only events that have a description are imported by Epg Importer / Enigma2

      1. Arh yes that’s the issue, when did epg importer stop importing items with no description as i’m sure it used to do them maybe?

        1. I’ve never known it to work with empty descriptions so I think it’s been like that for a while.

  5. Had quick try updated 7.7 but upon re running bouquets i got the process not finishing….on two occasions having to switch box off then on again H2S wooshbuild

  6. Working great now, fixed the missing .ts extensions on the m3u file. Many thanks for making the change.

  7. when using epg to set a recording, recording starts but it also records the channel i am watching over the top, are there any settings i need to change to stop this happening (i have a twin sub that does work on 2 devices) using 7.7 on Vu solo2

    1. I’ve never found recording to be reliable on my box (although that could have been the provider I was using at the time). You could trying the opposite of what you have for ‘All IPTV types’ (i.e. set it enabled if it’s currently disabled) to see if it makes any difference.

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