We’ve had some reports of issues with epgimport .

Initial investigation suggest that a recent epgimport update will stop it from working with any panel’s epg feed.

We’ll investigate further but in the meantime we suggest not updating to the latest epgimport version.


This issue is caused by the latest version of epgimport checking for a ‘LastUpdate.log’ file on the server that supplies the xmltv epg feed. If the file doesn’t exist or the date within is older than 2 days then the server is considered invalid and not used. Unfortunately this file is used by Rytec feed servers but not IPTV panels.

We’ve released v0.7.6 which sets a flag in the epgimport sources to ignore this check however this flag has only recently been added to epgimport and at the moment only works on the OpenPLI branch and not the OE-Alliance fork. Hopefully the OE-Alliance fork will merge this feature soon.


New versions of epgimport have broken the epg for IPTV panels. You should avoid updating epgimport for now, or revert to a previous version.

Updating to v0.7.6 of this script/plugin should fix the issue on OpenPli and hopefully future OE-Alliance images.

30 thoughts on “EpgImporter / e2m3u2bouquet 0.7.6

    1. I see they’ve added a nockeck attribute option to the sources file to bypass the server check.

      We’ll get updated versions of the script and plugin pushed out

  1. Do you mean this commit? https://github.com/OpenPLi/enigma2-plugin-extensions-epgimport/commit/88eefd24d5476ed729d53b73866b4525883a8f36

    Thats only been added to PLI, OE-Allience has only added the commits from 3 days ago so that commit wont be added to other images yet.

    1. Yes. We’ll need to open an issue on the OE-Alliance fork to see if they can merge that commit.

      Otherwise there is no easy way to bypass the server check which will fail on all iptv panels (unless they all add a LastUpdate.log file which is unlikely)

      1. Version 0.7.6 has been released which sets the ‘nocheck’ attribute.

        Issue has also been opened on the oe-alliance repository for them to pull the latest epgimport ‘nocheck’ feature commit from the OpenPli master repo.

        1. I have just updated IPK but it doesnt seem to add the ‘nockeck’ attribute.

          Ive also notised the about page still shows 0.7.5 and it still show Run on the plugin menu.

          I even uninstalled and re installed but it was still the same, I then used the e2m3u2bouquet.py from GitHub and placed it in the E2m3u2bouquet folder and that seemed to have worked when choosing Run it added the nocheck flag

          1. Thanks for testing. I’ll check the plugin and get it fixed.

            Edit: Plugin link should be the new version now.

          2. Also thanks for creating the PRs over at oe-alliance

  2. All working again for me via the script method

  3. Hello I have a little Problem. The Plugin is working pretty well but it seems like the suls channels file for EPG import does not create any channels inside the .xml it is empty. Anything I can do about it? Thanks in Advance.

    1. Any errors listed in the plugin log?

  4. Is anyone having an issue on zgemma H7s? I have re-flashed, reinstalled plugin, a dozen times but I cant get the IPTV bouquets to load. I have 2 other boxs with identical configs working 100%. The log just shows:
    [e2m3u2b] Starting backend script
    [e2m3u2b] manual_update_callback Error:[Errno socket error] [Errno -2] Name or service not known
    I hope someone else has come across this and solved it. Im on version 0.76. I have downgraded OpenATV to last working version but still no joy. Thanks in advance..

  5. Errno 2 is normally a connection error. Have you ran a network test on box? Maybe temporary issues with server?

  6. Hi guys just noticed when my provider adds new live catagory they are getting mixed up with VOD. Any ideas?

    1. What extension do these stream urls end in?

      1. .ts I’ve tested with other enigma2 plugins and they show in live categories so I’m not sure why it’s happening. I first noticed about a month ago when they added ifollow but now they’ve added USA bouquets and end up under ifollow that’s mixed in VOD.

        1. Strange. Can you post the full playlist line? (remove any user details and change the host name)

          1. #SERVICE 5002:0:1:96fb:a03d:6b47:0:0:0:0:http%3A//host.com%3A8080/live/USERNAME/PASSWORD/47689.ts

            1. Are you able to post the entry from the extended playlist e.g.

              #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”bbc1.uk” tvg-name=”BBC One Backup” tvg-logo=”https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b1/BBC_One_HD_Box.svg/1280px-BBC_One_HD_Box.svg.png” group-title=”UK Entertainment”,BBC One Backup

              1. #EXTINF:-1 tvg-ID=”” tvg-name=”USA: L- | RED BULL TV” tvg-logo=”” group-title=”USA | SPORTS”,USA: L- | RED BULL TV

                1. I take it you are using multi vod categories and the new live tv categories are appearing between existing vod categories?

                  If so you could try moving the vod category in the -sort-current.xml to the bottom of the categories and saving as a new -sort-override.xml

                  1. Yes ive already tried that and that works, just seeing if theres anything that can be done plugin side to sort it so I dont need to keep changing override xml every time new live cats are added. Thanks

                    1. I’ll see if there is anything we can do.

                      It’s caused by the vod being mixed up with the live tv in the m3u and we try to maintain the m3u category order (although it would be better to group the vod)

                    2. Ok thanks. I see my m3u in the links have, live, movies and series. Would it be possible for the plugin to check each link for live, movies and series? im not sure if other providers have different cat names in the ts links though.

                    3. I don’t think checking the url is a reliable option. Using the Xstream api or equivalent is a feature on our wishlist / roadmap

                    4. The issue of vod categories being mixed within other categories will be fixed in the upcoming v0.8 release.

  7. Having the issue with, with a brand new image, OpenATV 6.2 with e2m3u 7.6 and the latest epgimport, that its not importing all the epg properly some channels are showing nothing, on the GSE IPTV app on my phone with a clear epg and fresh download it shows the epg, but in the bouquets on my box I’ve got nothing, checked the xmltv file and it has the epg data in there, and the service ref all seem to match, the epgimport log doesn’t show that these channels are unknown, so technically all should work,

    Any ideas?? confused

  8. same here since Monday night the glitch that changed turned the multi vod off has stopped the EPG pulling???

    1. Are you using output=ts in the m3u url? Try changing it to output=m3u8

  9. just installed latest 7.7 to test the VOD issue, i can confirm this works, removes the VOD and i now have epg again 🙂 great work guys

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