Minor updates :-

  • Additional stream url type checking (e.g. live or VOD)
  • [plugin] Changed show in extensions option to a quick launch
  • [plugin] Added show in main menu quick launch

Latest releases here

(e2m3u2bouquet is now over 1 years old ?)

40 thoughts on “e2m3u2bouquet 0.7.5

  1. Haven’t done bad from a couple of hundred lines of code a year ago Doug !!

    1. Yeah, it’s amazing how it’s developed in the last 12 months.

    2. Bobomi King

      Provider’s name can not be ticked. how do I do this please? Thanks

    3. You guys done very well. Can i ask a question. This might be the wrong place if i am sorry. I have been given user name and password which i use in iptv bouquet maker plugin 0.63 version. It used to create different boutiques for me no lovely job. Then i used to import epg useing epg importer. Now when i hit run it does not do any thing. I checked the password and user name etc thats all fine. I even done my image to latest from openvix still nothing. What am i doing wrong please? Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Riz

  2. well done. How do I update the existing ipk

    1. Just download and install (it should keep your existing settings)

  3. Hi, Great piece of work and it just keeps getting better and better. It’s nice to see genuine people giving up there time helping the community – most appreciated. I’m was wondering if there was a way of setting an alternative picon download URL? The picons that providers provide are not always suitable for E2 boxes as they also cater for so many different applications such as for Andriod, kodi and firesticks ect. Many thanks

    1. That’s not a feature we have at the moment. The suppliers we use don’t offer a picon download url so it’s not something we can easily test & implement.

  4. Hi Doug, Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right suppliers don’t offer an alternative picon download url however I am currently working with one supplier on this. I have setup an override file and set the serviceRef to corresponding with the correct picons for each of their channels. At the moment users can manually download and install these which is no big deal but I was thinking that if it became a feature then a supplier would just need to drop the picon into the server location which would automatically update when suls runs.
    I can provide you with both a test account and picon location which is currently a dropbox location if this is something you feel you would like to look into. I understand if you don’t wish to take this any further and thank you again for all your hard work.

    1. There are other features that are likely to be a higher priority for us at the moment.

      If there was a standard way that suppliers provided picons it could be something that we looked at. Feature has been requested before but in that case was picons in a .tar file that matched service ref / names.

  5. can you use the override.xml file to include FTA channels along with iptv channels.

  6. It’s not possible to add additional FTA channels using the override file. However it should be possible to replace a IPTV channel with it’s FTA version. See ‘Using local DVB epg’ on the custom mapping post (although I’ve not tested this recently)

  7. hi all
    my link does not work start I have to add it

    1. I’ve edited that link as appears to have your id in it.

      We only support providers that have an extended m3u playlist

  8. rtloskarlos

    hello im stuck adding this could i require some help

    1. All the details are on this site. If you post info about what part you are stuck at someone may be able to give advice.

  9. Would it be possible to add EPG Importer option to the main menu?

    1. That would be possible however I’m looking at adding the option to automatically import the epg (using EPG Importer) after each update

  10. Hello DougMac
    Can you please add my provider?
    I have a big list of m3u extended, it’s very difficult to re-organize everything in the Enigma2 system ,
    your application would help me a lot.

    1. You just need to specify your urls in the config file.

      1. Hello Doug,
        Thank you for answering!

        When you talk about the configuration file, which one is it where I find it in which folder on enigma 2 ?
        Tank you for your help

        1. It’s the config file for this script/plugin.

          See the script page (https://www.suls.co.uk/enigma2-iptv-bouquets-with-epg/) or the plugin page (https://www.suls.co.uk/enigma2-iptv-plugin/) for details

          1. Thank’s Doug
            I finally made it. Thanks for everything. It’s working fine.

  11. Hi I have been looking at a way to create a generic script that should work for most providers. I have took the concept of your php example and added a host input. Users can add hostwith port, username and password. I cant seem to post the url

    1. Hi, it probably got caught by the spam filter. I’ll check if I can retrieve it

      The example on the managed providers post is just html and javascript (no php). The potential issue with us hosting such a page is that we’ll likely get accused of harvesting username & passwords

  12. simmy sarkaria

    Help ! on the other page it says “Some channels stutter or don’t play correctly
    This is likely due to having the ‘All IPTV type’ option enabled ”

    Where do i find this option ?

    1. If you are using the plugin it’s the ‘All IPTV type’ option under Proivder (in expert mode) or the ‘iptvtypes’ option in the config file

  13. hi,
    Have just been trying to load your plugin line to a TM Nano M3 Linux Box using Putty, each time i get an error message wget returned 1. The image I am using is OpenATV 6.1 can’t get it to load.
    I am doing something wrong, any help would be much appreciated

    1. The links are working fine. If you are having issues with your box you could try the FTP install method

  14. Bobomi King

    The Provider’s name can not be ticked.can you help please? Thanks

  15. hi im not big on coding but am a bit technical. CAn anyone tell me how i can open the .py file so i can edit the username and password, i tried changing extension to txt then open in notepad but it not easy to read. thanks

    1. Username and password goes in the config.xml not .py files.

      1. hi
        i just tried the ipk option. i then ran the plugin and entered my providers m3u URL and username and password on my TV screen, then went to “run”. i get following error in the log.

        starting backend script
        manual_update_callback_error:[Error socket error][Error-2] Name or service not known.

        i am with bphosting and entered http://epicstream.ddns.net/get.php as the m3u url and my username and password. the name i gave it was “epicstream” can anyone help. Thanks

  16. EPG importer doesn’t work anymore. as sourse I used http://estiptv.site/epg/EU_guide.xml.
    Was working for a while, now anything I do, just wont import while source is active.

  17. This is not working for me.

  18. Total Rubbish

  19. We beed a better IPTV Bouquet Maker because this is pure rubbish.

      1. Make one then

  20. When changing channels I get the blue loading circle and it is very slow…any ideas? Thanks

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