Minor updates :-

  • Extra checking to ensure that logos are actually images
  • Keep provider order from config file
  • [plugin] Reload bouquets after bouquet reset
  • [plugin] Fix bouquet top option always reverting to top

Latest releases here

17 thoughts on “e2m3u2bouquet 0.7.4

  1. Is there a way to run hls streams through this latest plugin.

    Each time I try hls I can’t get The live working but VOD works.


    1. For hls streams you’ll need to make sure that the stream type is not set to dvb. You can do this by setting ‘All IPTV type’ to true or set the ‘TV stream type’ to 4097

      You may also get better result if you also set-up the ServiceApp plugin

  2. Great work mate!
    Iam using multi bouquets and want to remove the bouquet with All Channls. How can I configure it?

    1. Go into providers and choose your providers and scroll down you should see Create all channels bouquet turn it to no then green to save.

      Once done press run

      1. Thank you very much. 🙂

        Now I am looking for a solution to devide the IPTV Streams and VODs.
        For Example If I have a user with tv streams and VODs, but I want only the VODs in my list and not the streams or vice versa.
        How can I filter it?

        Second question is. How can I put the TV streams on the top and the VODs to the bottom?

        Third request is. Could you please implement a pin code requirement to enter in the plugin

        kind regards,

      2. fourth request is. How to automaticlly delete the bouquets, if the user is not available anymore?

  3. Is there a way to move channels (services) between bouquets?
    Basically, I want to put all the channels that are in the ‘Irish’ bouquet into the ‘Entertainment’ bouquet.

  4. Could next version have an optional url for picons in the config.xml?

    1. We currently use the tvg-logo url for each channel in the m3u playlist.

      Are there providers that have all their channel logos under a single url with the logo names matching their ids in the playlist? Or is your thinking that users would set-up a page themselves with the logos they want to use?

      1. My provider has there own picons matching service ref/names via a link in a .tar file that’s installed via script.

  5. Hello How to have only one Bouquet with All Channels ? Thanks

    1. You can enable the optional ‘All Channels’ bouquet which will be in addition to the other bouquets

      1. thanks, but I want only ONE bouquet, and not many bouquets by country, thanks a lot

        1. You can disable bouquets via the overwride file

          1. on config.xml file ? thanks

            1. In the current sort file, have a look it tells you what to do and how to rename the file.

  6. thanks this version is very nice work fine with autoupdate

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