Updated release today of the script only. This update adds the following functionality to the script

  • Config file based settings
  • Support for multiple providers

If you are a plugin user on 0.6.3 with a single IPTV provider there is no need to upgrade to script version 0.7 (Plugin v0.7 is in the pipe line).

However as probably the largest out standing feature on our list I thought it worth releasing the script alone for those that don’t mind the commandline.

So script release is available here;


Install Guide

Download and extract the e2m3u2bouquet.py file.

FTP it to /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet on your enigma2 box.

SSH into your enigma box, then;

cd /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet
chmod 755 e2m3u2bouquet.py

The script on first run will create a config.xml in /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet and tell you to fill it in.

Edit the config.xml and populate provider details and settings for as many providers as your require, the XML is commented so should be pretty straight forward.

NB: You need to change the supplier name field for the script to know you have updated the file.

nano config.xml
vi config.xml

Or use FTP to transfer the file for editing and replace it.

Then run the script again.


This will create bouquets for all the providers specificed and enabled in the config file.


To automate this use cron.

crontab -e


0 5 * * * /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/e2m3u2bouquet.py >> /tmp/e2.log

and press ESC follwed by :wq to exit the cron editor and save the entry. This will update your bouquets at 5am daily.


Any issues / bugs or problems leave a coment.

46 thoughts on “e2m3u2bouquet 0.7

  1. Great work! Are there any plans to add the option of custom providers to the plugin (For users who do not use one of the listed providers)? Thanks.

    1. Multi & custom providers will be part of the next plugin release.

  2. Works like a charm with 3 subs ?

    1. Ace cheers Alan

  3. Hi guys anyway to get the EPGXML to pull more than 24 hours from the panel, the data is there in the panel as MAG boxes pull the 7 days, but noticed the EPG XML only seems to pull 24 hour ish

    1. If will use whatever your supplier has in their xmltv epg feed. It seems a number of suppliers limit this to 24 hrs.

      1. I’ve looked inside the panel and I can’t see this option on the epg settings tab you don’t have the exact place this is located? It seems 24 hours must be set as default

        1. I don’t have knowledge of the panel set-up. You may need to get in touch with the panels devs to see if it can be changed.

  4. Hi Doug
    great work,now my enigma2 box is not useless anymore.i have an IPTV provider that doesnt offer epg so i have another source just for epg.Could you pls add a way so we can enter manually and epg source provider-link?

    1. You can specify your own EPG link using the script

  5. How do you rerun the script after u have ftp the config file ?

    1. The same as the first time

      1. Hi Suls,my provider is showing zero entries(im not alone)can you check ot out for me please.

  6. Hi how do i get iptv up and running on my mutant hd2400 can anyone help me out thank you.

  7. Suls curious I use xtream editor If im right can I delete xtream editor and use python script to run my iptv or am I reading this wrong as my supplier thinks it could be the xtream editor making the zgemma run bad with stuttering channels

    1. Yes you can, or use the plugin version 6.3

  8. Dafydd Palfrey

    Can you update the GSE provider to the new server address please as my bouquets no longer work thanks

    1. we would need to know the details to update it

  9. Would catchup be possible with suls? Just seen its working with xtream editor.

    1. No sadly not, not something we have in the roadmap either

  10. Andrew Haslem

    has anyone been told that there is an invalid character in the script which is preventing the epg working for some iptv scripts?

    1. mate i think i know the provider your talking about its not e2m3u2bouquet thats the issue, its something suls_channels.xml is importing from the providers panel, which is stopping epg importer from importing, this probably can only be done provider end, and i suggested its probably a invalid character in the channels.xml as i removed parts of it as a test and it starting importing

      1. JB is exactly right, if you look up the log on epgimporter (available from the GUI) it should tell you where it is erroring, eg on what line.
        Almost certainly an odd character of some sort.

  11. Hi, just wanted to ask will you guys be fixing the epg issue when using the serviceapp plugin in future updates ? Thanks

    1. No, that issue is nothing to do with this script / plugin. You’ll need to ask the serviceapp author.

  12. Well done guys. Just keeps getting better.

    I have spotted a bug. This could be the python interpreter/complier or linux codebase on enigma2 boxes…

    For some providers the Epg.xml source file can and often does contain tags all on one line , that is to say that tags are not delimited with CR and LF chars. So effevtively the epg guide is one huge long line. This is a problem as epg events are not parsed. Then xml/etree parser seems to give up. I have confirmed this on vix and ipab builds and confirmed the issue.

    The fix is to ensure that there is a CR and LF after all closing tags. That means…

    This seems to be a problem on some linux boxes but not all.

    I used sed to insert the CR and LF characters after all occurrences of any of these above two tags. I simply put this into your python script. Anyway, after this all.worked fine.

    Please could you add this defensive measure so that ‘bad’ EPG source files can be processed , straight after the code that creates the epgimport files. What i did was download the epg epg source locally and then apply sed on it. Of course the sources.xml file needs to refer tonthe local epg file rather than the http://…. Source


    1. I’ve never seen this or had it reported before. What does the epg importer log say after it tries to process the original epg url?

  13. Its been mentioned before is there a chance of adding username, password and provider via command line to install the plugin?

    Something like this should work but you will probably need the plugin.py in the ipk not the pyo file

    # Standard Config
    # If you change anything below this line, it probably wont
    # work.
    echo “downloading enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.6.3_all.ipk”
    echo $LINE
    cd /var && cd /var/volatile && cd /var/volatile/tmp && wget -O /var/volatile/tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.6.3_all.ipk “https://github.com/su1s/e2m3u2bouquet/releases/download/v0.7.0/enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.6.3_all.ipk” &> /dev/null 2>&1
    echo “Installing enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.6.3_all.ipk”
    echo $LINE
    opkg –force-reinstall –force-overwrite install enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.6.3_all.ipk &> /dev/null 2>&1
    echo “Configuring e2m3u2 IPTV Bouquet maker”
    echo $LINE
    sed -i -e “s/USERNAME/$USERNAME/g” /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/E2m3u2bouquet/plugin.py;sed -i -e “s/PASSWORD/$PASSWORD/g” /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/E2m3u2bouquet/plugin.py && chmod 777 /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/E2m3u2bouquet/plugin.py &> /dev/null 2>&1
    sed -i -e “s/PROVIDER/$PROVIDER/g” /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/E2m3u2bouquet/plugin.py && chmod 777 /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/E2m3u2bouquet/plugin.py &> /dev/null 2>&1
    echo “enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2m3u2bouquet_0.6.3_all.ipk Downloaded Installed and configured please restart box”

    Users would only need to edit lines 2 to 4, maybe add reboot command so box reboots automatically and it would also mean changing default from FAB to PROVIDER.

    1. The next plugin release will support multi providers with their details provided in a config file

  14. My provider has change epg scripts , I’ve lost my epg any help??

  15. My provider was having issues. When I rebooted box my box stopped on loading with the spinner and I couldn’t get past boot. I think this is because it was set to update on boot could we have a try and exept for update on boot?

    1. This plugin does nothing on boot.

      1. Apologies it must have been something else, Ill keep an eye on it. I was just confused with some of the code in the plugin.py. Thanks

  16. When is the new release likely to drop

  17. Getting no file or directory can anybody advise please

    1. try python e2m3u2bouquet.py

  18. Cheers Doug il try that

  19. daranrowlands

    Hi, I’ve been using the plugin with latest OpenVix release and necroiptv provider. Iy was all working fine (more luck than skill on my part I suspect) but now the EPG doesn’t seem to be populating and I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. Could you provide an idiot’s guide on how I should be configuring my box in terms of where I should be looking to see which bit isn’t working? or better still, what is the relationship between all of these:

    CrossEPG Downloader
    IPTV Bouquet Maker

    AutoBouquetsMaker Scanner
    Cross EPG Downloader

    The Bouquets all seem to be there but the programme details no longer seem to be populated for the iptv bouquets…

    Any ideas/advice greatly appreciated

    1. If you are not using DVB services CrossEPG and AutoBouquetMaker can be ignored.

      This plugin / script takes your extended IPTV m3u playlist and sets up enigma2 bouquets for the categories and channels. It also sets up Epg Importer to import your providers XMLTV epg. For the epg to work the tvg-ids in the playlist need to match the channel ids in the XMLTV epg

  20. Hi
    Sorry to trouble you but has any details changed in the script regarding flawless? a server change or anything as i cant seem to get any channels, weird thing is it still shows 1,900+ channels when i do a manual update through epg importer. I have a VU+ duo and haven’t had any trouble before. Any help would be appreciated.



    1. The Flawless hostname changed last week but we’ve updated the provider so it should be fine (if you’re using the named provider method or plugin)

      1. Cheers m8
        All sorted via plugin works a treat 🙂



  21. hi guys i have this install with a provider e2m3u2bouquet 0.7

    how do i add my second provider to the config.xml

    bit confussed guys any help be great thanks great work buy the way

  22. I setup my provider with e2m3u2bouquet 0.7 last week and all was well. Pulled all the channels thru and the EPG populated perfectly. However in the last 5 days the EPG is blank. I can run EPG importer manually and it shows 10,000 odd. but all the channels have no data. Any thoughts as it what might have gone wrong? thanks

    1. If the import is working then I would recommend deleting the epg (‘Setup -> Epg), rebooting the box and then try another import

      1. james ross

        No joy. that only deleted the crossepg data. its weird as it seems to pull in the odd channel info but 95% is blank.

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