Script changes

  • Make sure comments are xml safe
  • Extract username and password from m3u url if they are not passed in
  • Set services to stream type ‘1’ in epg config so that the epg can be imported if
    serviceapp is overriding stream type ‘4097’ to exteplayer3
  • Minor fixes & tidy
  • Option for custom stream type for TV and VOD
  • Allow https & rtmp services
  • Unicode fixes
  • Url encoding fixes

Plugin changes

  • Multi custom provider support
  • File based setup (values can be edited in an xml file instead
    of entered using the remote)
  • Provider managed update system
  • Fixed time schedule type
  • Option for custom stream type for TV and VOD

Full details on the plugin page

Latest releases here

Community guides here

9 thoughts on “e2m3u2bouquet 0.7.1

  1. Stunning work Doug… massive amount of work with great results

  2. Great work as always guys.

  3. can you edit https://titan-iptv.com as they have changed server. thanks

    1. Plugin v0.7.1 and higher don’t use our provider list (which is no longer updated or maintained). However I believe that provider does have the correct details.

  4. Installed latest plugin 0.7.2 and on start only get Exit and run buttons with a blank top line
    If I click on the blank line, changes to Exit and OK buttons, plus have 4 configure options – Automatic bouquet update, Picon save path, Show in extensions and Debug mode.
    Hitting OK – returns to exit and Run
    Any ideas why no other options show?
    This is on ViX … on OpenPli (with opkg python changes) don’t get anything but exit/run

    1. This is a known skin issue and will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime if you select your boxes standard or default skin the menu options should appear. Or you can go by the picture on https://www.suls.co.uk/enigma2-iptv-plugin/ (you can still select the different options and the subscreens will show fine)

    2. The skin issue should now be fixed in v0.7.3

  5. The provider name will not tick. what can I do please?

  6. This is not working, Any better IPTV Bouquet Maker out there?

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