e2m3u2bouquet – Automation via cron job

Cron Automation OK quick post for those who requested it. ssh to your enigma2 box install busybox-cron opkg install busybox-cron Now set up your job crontab -e Will open the cron text editor. Next steps need to be followed exactly as vi isn’t the most user friendly text editor Press insert to start inputting text Input your schedule and the command to run eg: 0 6,18 * * * /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/e2m3u2bouquet.py >> /tmp/e2.log or 0 6,18 * * * /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/e2m3u2bouquet.py -m "http://stream.fabiptv.com:25461/get.php?username=YOURUSERNAME&password=YOURPASSWORD&type=m3u_plus&output=ts" -e "http://stream.fabiptv.com:25461/xmltv.php?username=YOURUSERNAME&password=YOURPASSWORD" press escape to exit text entering mode input :wq to write and quit from the file, your... Read more